Nicki Minaj And Cardi B To Get Their Own Exhibits At The Trap Museum.


The Museum is centred with Trap Music which includes one of a kind art installations which honours most iconic and influential hip-hop’s.

The Trap Music Museum is allowing the ladies in the industry to shine.

Soon the famous artists Nicki Minaj and Cardi B will get their exhibits in the famous Museum.
The general manager, ‘Krystal Garner’ of The Trap Museum, said that she vowed to create a space where women in the Hip-Hop industry can be showcased.

As she always had a love for women who were able to spit bars over a dope beat.In 2019 Cardi B made a hit with her album “Invasion Of Privacy” and took home a Grammy for “The Best Rap Album Of The Year”.

Though Minaj is the first woman to appear in the Billboard Hot 100 with one hundred times.
The exhibits will be revealed on Thursday, January 16.

The Museum will also showcase works of some artists like Ryan Kelly, Jordan JJ, Tiffanie, Geryn Harris and many more.

Both the artwork and the exhibits of Minaj and Cardi B were featured last year in the Lil Trap House Summer Pop-up in Los Angeles and will now become a permanent fixture in Atlanta.


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