Nicki Minaj accuses Meek Mill of Physical abuse


Nicki Minaj accuses her Ex Meek Mill of physically abusing her :

Fans were taken aback with astonishment when American rapper Nicki Minaj took to social media to accuse her ex-boyfriend, Meek Mill of physical abuse! This on and off couple had been dating for a while and have been seen together performing in award functions and ceremonies.

However, on the 5th of February, things begin to take a turn and for the worse when Minaj, 37, made serious accusations of physical abuse and violence against her then-boyfriend, Meek Mill, 32. It came as a rather bitter shock to us when Minaj, taking to her Instagram story wrote ” #Twitterfingers beats women, scared of men”, a reference to a tweet in her opening salvo referring to Mill with the sobriquet. However, some fans and critics have suggested that Minaj may have been upset by Meek’s public liking of a meme mocking her husband Kenneth Petty, though she quickly escalated things and made her thoughts and emotions public.

Meek Mill broke his silence on the situation by making his side of the story know. He took to Twitter and wrote, ” The only way you can try to kill my career is to say I beat women…talk about your brother convicted of rape and you’ve known and paid for his lawyer… Ya, little brother touched that Lil girl too! You know I know”. He ended the tweet by stating that Minja was a bad person and it was wrong on her part to help her rapist brother, which is what made him distance himself from her!

Later that day Minja replied to Meek’s tweet saying ” You beat your sister and taped it. Spit on her and taped it. Kicked me in front of your mother and sent her to the hospital”. In his last tweet, Meek denied all accusations and stated it was nothing but a publicity stunt pulled off by Minaj to ruin his career.

Needless to say, this feud has created a lot of tension in Hollywood and the music industry in general. Fans have been taking sides and trying to protect their favored artist!