Nick Cordero Wakes From Induced Coma, Stated By His Wife


The Broadway star Nick Cordero is now awake. He woke up from his medically induced coma, as stared by his wife Amanda Kloots. The star’s wife, Kloots revealed the news in her Instagram story. In her story, she holds up her and Nick’s son Elvis.

She stated that in the story that Nick is awake now. We all must change our hashtags. After Nick went to coma, hashtags like #wakeupNick became quite famous.

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Kloots repeated, “He is awake guys”. She added that she was like, “Doctor can we say that Nick is awake? He is actually awake. “

Although this news is no doubt the best that Nick is now awake but there is a long road of recovery to go. The disease has made him so weak. In fact, just closing and opening of his eyes could drain all of his energy. There’s a long way to go before being fully fit again. He has to take a lot of care of himself for being back to normal. But the good news is he’s awake.

Nick Cordero Wakes

Nick Cordero

His wife told that coronavirus doesn’t discriminate. Nick was perfectly healthy and a fit person prior to diagnosis. But the virus doesn’t stop while seeing his fitness even at the age of 41. He was a strong person who fought the virus without giving up.

In one of the recent posts on Instagram, Kloots mentioned that Nick was taken to the emergency room on March 30. She also told that though being a strong and fit person Nick went through a lot. The ‘Blue Bloods’ star suffered two mini-strokes, a fasciotomy to relieve pressure on his leg, amputation of his right leg, a septic shock, a tracheostomy and a temporary pacemaker to assist his heart. The COVID-19 has effected him to the worst. Obviously, nobody could think of this much bad to a healthy person like Nick. Amanda later told that he was totally fine and healthy before this encounter with coronavirus.

Amanda Kloots also gave a message to her followers and to everyone else. She said that Nick has spent 38 days in ICU. This COVID-19 not only affect old or sick people but also healthy and perfectly fine people. It affected a perfectly fit person at the age of 41 years to his worst. This is real. Stay home stay safe.