Niall Horan changed his statement about Zayn Malik after saying he was ‘hard to stay in touch with’. Find out what he said now?


Few of the actors and singers always make headlines because of the there conflict. One of them is Singer Niall Horan and Director bandmate Zayn Malik.

Niall Horan has insisted there is no bad blood between him and former One Director bandmate Zayn Malik. He did it after previously revealing he’s the hardest to stay in touch with. Niall is currently doing the promo rounds and one topic that seems to be coming up time and time again is his ‘falling out’ with Zayn. 


Moving back in the lane of memories in March 2015, Zayn left the group. It was before the group took its hiatus. This carried him on as a four-piece without him, before taking an indefinite break in December of that year. 

Each of the members has gone on to successful solo careers Now. But Niall recently said that while he keeps in touch with the rest of the bunch, Zayn isn’t one he’s in regular contact with.

Niall Speak up on the whole issue  

Saying He’s ‘quite a hard fella’ to keep in touch with, Niall told The a media outlet this week: ‘I mean, if he’s got something coming out or something I will text him. ‘He might not reply but I’ll give him a shout, but I don’t know. .’

He added that after he left the band, Zayn ‘never really spoke’ to his One Direction bandmates afterward. Still, Niall has no hard feelings towards his former comrade. 

 He said ‘I’ve got no bad blood with him at all but some things have a lifespan. I don’t know. We will see what happens. Maybe one day we can reconvene at some point, but not right now.

Four years on from the boyband’s decision to go their separate ways. Matters remain largely cordial between the four 1D members who stuck with it until the end.

‘I talk to Louis a lot’: Niall

In the latest issue Niall Speak to media, he went on to disclose that he, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, and Liam Payne try to see each other when they can.

In his words, ‘We don’t get to see each other as much as we’d like to, but we try. I talk to Louis a lot.’

He further added, ‘It’s the lads with the kids that you try to keep in touch with especially, just to see how they are.’