New workplace laws take effect in 2022, affecting New Yorkers

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This new Year 2022 is set to bring new laws to the workplace that will impact the New Yorkers.

These changes would be very important for the New Yorkers, as the lives of many have been impacted during the pandemic.


Many working people have taken time off from their work in pursuit of being sick, how to take care of their sick family members.

These new changes will include paid family leaves, employee protection, and many more.

The state paid family leave, which was first launched in the year 2018 in New York will continue with some more changes in the year 2022 and many more in 2023.

As of now, New York State Paid Family Leave allows the employees to take a sick leave for up to twelve weeks.

It has been said that starting from the year 2022 employees will get 67% of their average weekly salary.

This average weekly pay will include the maximum benefit of $1, 068.

This amount has gone up by  $96 a week  as compared to that of the last year,

In 2023, the Paid Family Leave will expand even more. That is, it will include giving out time to the workers even for taking care of their siblings.

Councilmember Oswald Feliz said “Specifically in low-income families who are no longer going to have to choose between caring for a loved one or getting a paycheck, so they could be able to pay rent and other living expenses. So, it’s a very important piece of legislation that’s going to make a big impact on many families,”

Whistleblower Protection will also get expanded in the year 2022.

 It will expand to include former employees.

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Employers providing return notices to the employees if they are being electronically monitored in any way will also become a new law that will come into effect by May 2022.

This is a positive change for the working New Yorkers.