New Poll Reveals Thunder God Marvel Fans Consider Thor Could Defeat Captain Marvel In A Fight


Captain Marvel Vs Thor
A poll was conducted, and fans believe that Captain Marvel does not stand a chance against the God of Thunder.

The poll was a result of the change in the character of Captain. New the succession Captain Marvel, and Carol Danvers is seen wearing a black costume. She has sworn loyalty to baddies. Now she wishes to destroy the Avengers.

In the 12th edition of the comic, Captain Marvel killed Thor in a fistfight. Fans to not like the character. Fans prefer Brie Larson’s version.

Following this event, Screen Geek conducted the poll and fans have made it clear that they do not like the twist in the comic. Seventy-three percent of the fans who voted believe that Thor can defeat Captain Marvel in a battle.

The poll had 34,000 Votes, and 650 remarks were involved in the discussion on a Facebook page. Danvers’s debut in the MCU brought her to an all-powerful situation. Before the film, Captain Marvel was not as mighty.

Fans think that Danvers cannot defeat Thor because he is God of Thunder. But it is entirely up to the writers. They have two different personas. They can be equally powerful, or one may be more potent than others.

Before Captain, she was just Ms. Marvel. There were other Captain Marvels before her. Mar-Vell was the greatest of all time. But died from cancer.

In Mar-Vell, Annette Bening had a threefold role. She performed as Mar-Vell, Supreme Intelligence, and Dr. Wendy Lawson. Arika Akbar as Monica Rambeau became a different Captain Marvel.
Kamala Kahn was selected for a new character like Ms. Marvel.

Disney play is promoting Ms. Marvel with Kamala Kahn in it. Larson has also auditioned for the role, so it is a possibility that she might bag the role.

Thor fans should not worry about the 12th edition. Even though Captain Marvel kills Thor, he will return in a comic by Donny Cates by the name of Thunder God.


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