New Legend Of Monkey Season 3: Expected Release Date, And Other Updated News


New Legend Of Monkey Season 3: Expected Release Date And Other Updated News, The second season of this Australian/New Zealand show will be returning to the online streaming service, Netflix in August 2020 with even more episodes of the show inspired by Monkey.

The show is geared towards kids and teens and for those who are not aware, this is a series partially inspired by the Japanese show Monkey that itself is based on the Chinese novel named Journey to the West.


The first season of the show debuted on Netflix in April 2018 that is two years before in the US and in the UK with other regions following sporadically later. There were ten episodes in the first season which was dropped and we are hoping the same number of episodes for the second season of the show.

The last update which we had regarding the show is that TVNZ, ABC, and then Netflix had committed to a second season and then they began filming or shooting in September 2019.

When Will The New Legends Of Monkey Come On Netflix In All Regions?


In most of the cases, Netflix will be getting the second season of the show of the kids on August 7th, 2020. This date includes the UK, then The United States of America, and Canada. One who is a fan of this show can check the dates on the official page of Netflix.

The show will not be on Netflix in either Australia or in New Zealand at least in August this year. The first season arrived on Netflix in AU and NZ in January last year which was roughly nine months after the US got the show.

If now we were to assume Netflix Australia and New Zealand then we will get the show in a very similar manner for the second season, we are also predicting that both regions will be getting the new season between April and June 2021.