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New God of War Podcast Episodes Promise Untold Stories Blogcast podcast




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God of War fans who adored the 2018 game and need to learn more about Sony Santa Monica Studio’s time spent working on it can now get their fix from a brand new podcast miniseries.

The studio responsible for the latest God of War game announced this week that it would be telling”untold stories” out of God of War’s development via a few episodes which are all part of the PlayStation Blogcast podcast.

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This week, Santa Monica Studio and sony announced the launch of the very first episode of the miniseries that were restricted, and you can already listen to the introduction episode now.

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It’s called”Santa Monica Studio Worlds Collide: Fitting A Side Quest at Anywhere,” and as its name implies, it concentrates on side quests players could encounter in God of War that could be picked up in just about any time in a playthrough so that you did not need to plan your narrative progress around them.

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“In this limited miniseries, we are bringing together programmers from other departments across Santa Monica Studio, that collaborated on a characteristic that helped evolve God of War,” a preview of the miniseries said.

“The maturation of the Witch Bones quest and others were designed so that they could be performed at any point in the match.

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Developers Luis Sanchez (Lead Level Designer), Anthony DiMento (Senior Systems Designer), and Adam Dolin (Narrative Designer) break down how this was made possible across level, system, and storyline design.”
An article on the PlayStation Blog promised”fascinating, untold stories,” though it hasn’t been said how many episodes this miniseries will span.

As mentioned from the Play Station Blog article, these podcast episodes should pair perfectly with all the documentary known as God of War: Raising Kratos for anyone who has not watched that yet.

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The full documentary is on YouTube and provides another sour look at the making of God of War.

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