Never Have I Ever Season 4: Mindy Kaling Confirmed the Fourth Season!

The fan’s favorite Maitreyi Ramakrishnan is soon going to be back with her famous series Never have I Ever. The popular Netflix exclusive series is known for its Romance and Comedy-drama. There is something unique about the Rom-Com drama that makes the show stands out from the rest of the show. In recent times, Rom-Com shows have acclaimed a top position in the list. As for now, there have been three seasons of the show, and there have been talks about Never Have I Ever Season 4.

The coming to age drama which is created by Mindy Kaling is already popular for its amazon storyline and great plot. Over the three seasons, the show has delivered a great storyline with great ups and downs. With the release of the third season, many fans are wondering if there is anything they should know about the show. 


The show makers have officially confirmed that the show is getting back for its fourth installment. Created by Mindy Kaling, the showrunners have recently come out to release a statement regarding the show. The story of the American-Indian girl is just amazing avid excitement among the audience. 

You must have heard about the show getting renewal but there are still many things that they needed to know. Here is all the latest information regarding the show.

Never Have I Ever Season 4 is Officially Confirmed by the Creator!

It came to light that the famous series is got renewed for its fourth season. Mindy Kaling has officially announced this news on his Twitter account. She revealed the bitter-sweet news about the show’s renewal status. 

“Four seasons of Never Have I Ever is truly exciting and a little bittersweet because, as a loyal fan, I’d love Devi’s journey to go on forever,” she said in a statement. “But just like high school, all great things must come to an end…We can’t wait to experience all of the messiness, the LOLs, and the tears that will surely unfold in Devi’s senior year.”

The news came unexpectedly since the third season of Never has I ever is still got to release. The officials have announced the release date of Never have I Ever Season 3 to be this summer. As the show is getting near, the excitement among the fans is also raising. 

Talking about the fourth season, which is extremely surprising for the fans. The showrunners have announced that the fourth season is renewed and it will be the last and final season of the series. Many fans are already binge-watching the show after the release of the second season. 

Never have I Ever Season 3: When is it going to Premiere on Netflix?

Never Have I Ever Season 4

The creators address the statement by saying, “Hey Crickets” and revealed the renewal status of the show. Fans felt nice to know that the series is getting renewed for its fourth season even though there have been updates to know about the third one. According to many fans, the creators reveal the unexpected renewal this early because of many reasons and one that is most expected is that the fourth installment of the series might get a release date this year. 

There is a huge possibility for the show makers to release the show after the release of the third season. It is because there might be a possibility for them already started the development of the show.

We have already seen that there have been times when the showrunners produce the show shortly after the end of the last season’s production. It is especially happening in those series that feature the final season. 

As per the updates, we came to know that Never have I Ever Season 4 is going to be last and this perfectly make sense. What do you think? 

On the other side, the officials are yet to reveal the release date of the show. The show is yet to deliver its release date of the rom-com drama. Once the third season got the green light, we’ll get more updates from them. I think it would be too early to start predicting anything regarding the show. 

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Never Have I Ever Season 4: Who will be back n the Cast?

Never Have I Ever Season 4 Since the show focuses on Maitreyi Ramakrishnan and her famous role as Devi Vishwakumar, we are sure that she will be back. The show won’t feel the same without her and there is no doubt that Netflix will leave her in the series.

Maitreyi is playing the role of a nerd yet popular girl in high school who has a dream of getting a perfect boyfriend. Getting into the teenage phase the girl has been filled with many fantasies and desires which get completed in the show. 

The show makes amazing use of its characters in such a way that it gets into their lives. Mindy Kaling, who is the director of the show and has created the story describes the characters as her own personality. Many fans already know that the main protagonist of the series is already based on the creators’ life. 

Other than her, there is a huge possibility for the other character to be recast in the show. If the plot continues to tell the love life of Maitreyi with her boyfriend Paxton. There is a possibility for her relationship to get changed with someone else. But we are going there but here are some of the characters that will be back. 

  • Maitreyi Ramakrishnan as Devi Vishwakumar
  • Poorna Jagannathan as Dr. Nalini Vishwakumar
  • Darren Barnet as Paxton Hall-Yoshida
  • Jaren Lewison as Benjamin “Ben” Gross
  • Richa Moorjani as Kamala Nandiwadal
  • John McEnroe as himself
  • Ramona Young as Eleanor Wong
  • Lee Rodriguez as Fabiola Torres. 

Other than these people, we have so many additional characters which include her therapist and schoolmates. The showrunners are yet to disclose anything regarding the fourth season. If there will be any additional cast updates, we’ll update this section.

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Never Have I Ever Season 4: What will be the Storyline?

Never Have I Ever Season 4 Release Date

The plot of the 6third season is still pending. We know that the second season brings back some of the most unexpected decisions of the Devi. As the show broadcast, many people were anxious over the settlement of Devi with Paxton. 

Though if she chooses Ben. it would still become a big deal and many fans will ask the creators to change that also. However, we know that her high school is soon going to end and with this, the colleges are about to start. Life is going to be tricky and what happens if the plot matches with the other Netflix shows the kissing Booth? 

While Netflix is known for its famous Rom-Com drama but we are over the same concept. There are no updates on what would happen in the third series and that’s the reason why we shouldn’t expect anything about the fourth one. Also, we can’t assume anything since the third season is still on hold and about to release. 

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Is there any official Trailer for the Show?

Despite the show getting renewed, the show makers are still away to release the official trailer. The fans are waiting for the show to come up with one good trailer. If you are one of those people who ahven’t watched the trailer yet then here is the official trailer of the series. 

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