Netflix Finally Renewed Never Have I Ever Season 3| Confirmed Release Date

Never Have I Ever shows the story about a young Indian-American girl who is looking for a perfect boyfriend. As 15-year old, we all want very little and preservative things in our life. Good academics, cool best friend, and romantic partner. Devi is blessed with intelligence and her two best friends make sure that she is in the best state. Upon entering high school she finds herself stuck between two boys. Never Have I Ever Season 2 has just finished airing and fans are curious about the Never Have I Ever Season 3 announcement. 

The series first appeared in 2020, an exclusive Netflix series that looks and sounds amazing to the viewers. Upon the release of the web series, it charted top 1 rank in the most viewed series of the releasing month. Many people got interested in the story and ended up watching the series. So far, there have been two seasons of this romantic teen drama on Netflix. The second installment of Never Have I Ever was just released and the audience loved the overall concept. 


In season 2, Devi finally chose Pexton over Ben and I know some fans were angry with this decision because they shipped her with Ben. But it’s okay! We need to keep calm and see what happens next. 

As the series brought back the exciting life of Devi in her high school, many people found it interesting. The fans of the show have been looking forward to season 3. In this article, we’ll be discussing everything that is the possibility of Season 3 and what will happen in the upcoming season. If you want to know all the details about the series then keep reading the article to know the chaotic life of Devi. 

Never Have I Ever: A Romantic Teen-Drama For You! Never Have I Ever season 3

Before discussing season 3, I would like to give you a quick summary of the story. If there are any new fans who haven’t been able to keep up with the series and its plot, this one’s for you.

The story starts with Devi Vishwakumar, an Indian-American girl who has been dealing with the death of her father and lives with her dear mother.  Maitreyi Ramakrishnan has been playing the role of Devi and becomes one of the popular Netflix celebrities sensational for the people.

Devi is a nerd and always stuck her head in the books. Her friends are also cool and motivate her to go out of her confident zone. Many of you might believe it, but the character of Devi is actually inspired by Mindy Kaling. 

Like Never Have I ever, there is another popular teen drama that revolves around the crime and mystery of high school kids. If you are an active Netflix user and love to watch everything that trends on the chart then you would know about Elite. The series has finished airing 3 seasons and its fourth season is heading on the way.

Never Have I Ever Season 3: Story So far!

Never Have I Ever season 3

Coming to the story, Devi has been crushing on two boys, Paxton and Ben. In the first season of Never Have I Ever, we saw how she gets all the butterflies and love for these two boys at different times. There was nothing much serious in the first season but as the episode moved forward, Devi kissed both of them at different times. With this, season 1 ends, making the audience think about the future possibility of the show. 

Within a year, Netflix set back the series on their platform and the fans finally relieved their confusion. Who will Devi choose? Paxton or Ben? It turned out that Devi decided to date both the boys at the same time. This leads to much more difficulty in her life. At the end of season 2, Devo finally chose Paxton over Ben. 

Fans were shocked as Ben was so perfect for him but she still chose Paxton. But never mind, I’ll not discuss the Pros and Cons of both the boys just like Devi did! But I believed that the upcoming season will have more spice, 

Is there going to be a Never Have I Ever Season 3?

Never Have I Ever season 3

After season 2 ended, we all thought that it was the final ending. Devi has chosen Paxton over Ben. At the time, I thought that the couple wouldn’t stay as Paxton was insecure to show his girlfriend in public. 

Even Devi has warned him that if he can’t accept her in Public, she can’t make out in private. Well! That’s a bold statement but their love is just settled with making out? Many fans got sad after she chose Paxton and I have been seeing tons of comments that support Ben and Devi’s relationship.

Then Paxton accepts her at the school party and she becomes happy with all that. Now, the fans are still wondering if there is anything more to know? Luckily there is. 

Netflix has confirmed season 3 of Never have I ever this week. In the statement, it was officially mentioned that Never Have I ever is returning with Season 3. Fans were happy with this renewal news and expected to see more about the life of Devi in the upcoming years. 

Mindy Kailing, the creator of the show has recently spoken in an interview,

“We are so grateful to Netflix and Universal Television for letting us continue to tell this story, and to the fans around the world who clamored to see more of this badly behaved Indian teenager,” 

Never Have I Ever Season 3 Release Date: When it is going to Release?

Never Have I Ever Season 3

After Netflix announced the confirmation about the Never Have I Ever Season 3, Fans were dying to know about the release date. 

After the teen comedy-drama got its season 2 on 15 July, the show started to receive a lot of appreciation from the audience and the critics. Even the teen romantic comedy-drama has been ranked in the Top 10 category. 

The audience has been looking for season 3 and the officials haven’t released any exact release date. For now, the officials have just confirmed the show and haven’t announced when. 

But looking at the history of its release date I think that the Never Have I Ever Season 3 will be back in 2022. Because the series has already done something similar so you will be watching the story of Devi and her high school life between the same time as the Season 2 release. 

We are keeping an eye on all the latest updates regarding this show. If you are also interested, know about the release date and everything. Keep this as a bookmark. 

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Final words

The second season of Never Has I Ever is finally released on Netflix. The release date of season 2 of this romantic comedy-drama was set to be 15 July. After receiving positive feedback from the audience and even appreciation from the critics, the show got another season. The officials renewed the series for its season 3 and now we are just waiting to see what happens with the relationship of Devi and Paxton.

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