Netflix’s You ends 2019 with theories


Netflix ended 2019 with a pretty epic original and unique program, including the highly-anticipated season of You.

The dramatic thriller has captivated audiences even before it became a Netflix original series, and the latest batch of episodes was certainly no exception.


Just as Joe Goldberg portrayed by Penn Badgely seemed to get his way with took a life,things an unexpected turn. In a final scene that has fans talking and having many questions in their head.

As some have begun to speculate, there’s a chance that the final scene could have even one more twist in the series.

In the finale of season 2, Joe learned the true intentions of Love Quinn, the Los Angeles chef that he had grown to like.

After realizing that Love wasn’t afraid to kill for him and that she was pregnant with his daughter, Joe came to realize that he was willing to stay in a relationship with Love.

The duo moved in together in a suburban neighborhood in California, and Joe began to bebe a poet about his new life and how it was all worth it to lead him to a new woman.

Joe peeked through the fence shared by him and his next-door neighbor and saw a woman with a stack of classic books writing in a journal.

Since the face is never quite revealed, some rightfully assume that the woman would be the subject to Joe’s latest romantic chapter.

However, a second theory has also popped up online where people think the mystery woman might be Joe’s mother. Fans predict that there is a possibility of Joe’s mother to still be alive.

While the flashbacks do serve a narrative purpose in Season 2 to mainly show how Joe’s dark relationship with intimacy and murder began there’s a chance they could be set up more into that plotline.

Given just how cunning both Joe and Love are, it certainly doesn’t seem impossible that one of them could have a past criminal record and are neighbors with now-older Sandy.

It’s also hard to deny that the idea for an unpredictable storyline in a hypothetical third season, while also maintaining the twisted love story that Joe and Love have.