Netflix’s V Wars Season 2: What Chemistry Is Between Danika and Mila?


The well known Netflix’s Danika V Wars has kept recently engaged for a progression of hours.  The American loathsomeness science fiction show increased a huge number of fans over the globe.

 All things considered, there are numerous hypotheses and speculations composed by fans and Reddit clients consistently, and today we will take a gander at one of them.


 Also, as season 2 moves nearer, it would be fun how much how forecasts work out as expected. 

Since the start, two characters who are extremely extraordinary to the show and it’s watchers are Mila and Danika as characters, and both are shaft contrary energies.

What science is among Mila and Danika?


Danika was got the infection causing vampirism from her affection, Michael. In this way at that point passing it to her sister, Mila. 

Laura Vandervoort, otherwise known as Mia, was likewise observed in ‘Chomped’ and ‘Smallville.’ Mia and Danika share a typical history that further adds to the flare between them. 

The sisters have inverse characters that further exacerbates the circumstance.

Mila is one hand is one of the most elevated level Vampires in the show who discovers delight in assaulting blood donation centers. 

In contrast to different Vampires in the show, she doesn’t hurt people and, in this way, later transforms into a vigilante. 

We see her going through dim back streets, dance club, and so forth camouflaged as typical non-military personnel: no extravagant swords, no dark shades, however only a couple of sticks.

Danika, then again, turned her sister, Mila. Danika goes to Michael’s camp as her dearest, thusly offending Mila.

 We see flashbacks now and again when Mila is seen executing Blood. However, she has a firm grasp of her feelings. She even defies Danika after Micheal was ousted at Blood Nation.

Final Words:

Even though we didn’t see Mila eye to eye against Blood Nation’s best. 

Them two offer a harsh relationship through and through. Be that as it may, on occasion are nearer than at any other time might be because of similar qualities running in their veins.

 The eventual fate of V Wars may give us some activity, either physical or verbal, between the sisters. However, remaining to Mila’s enthusiastic solidness, it’s difficult to state.