Netflix’s The Chef Show Volume 3 Host Jon Favreau’s Concern Extends to Make the Show Best Series on Netflix


Here is the only sensible explanation for how the man can earn a cutting-edge Disney film, the first-ever live-action Star Wars TV series, and a Netflix cooking series at precisely the same time.

And while The Lion King and The Mandalorian understandably took up the spotlight last year, Favreau’s Netflix series The Chef Prove is sneakily one of the best things he’s ever done.


The show returns with the third level of all-new episodes now, and they are as entertaining, delicious-looking, and inspiring as ever.

Favreau created The Chef Show as a means to keep his apprenticeship under acclaimed chef Roy Choi, with whom he collaborated in prep for his 2014 film Chef.

Favreau thus missed his cooking sessions with Choi he began filming the two cooking dishes motivated by Favreau’s film, bringing in guests like Gwyneth Paltrow, Bill Burr, also Dave Filoni to spur inspiration and exciting dialogue.

What continues to put The Chef Display besides other cooking shows is Favreau’s curiosity. He allows the incident’s guest takes over and does not only sit back, nor does he ask questions to which he already knows the answer.

Any pretense of this being a”show” fades to the background, as The Chef Show is similar to a voyeuristic look at Favreau learning by the finest and chatting with friends new and old.

He wishes to try the recipes and methods himself, understanding that failure is occasionally a precious lesson (according to the humorous beignets ordeal from Volume 1).

It is still another testament to Favreau’s ability and versatility. I submit to you more: the guy absolutely must be a warlock.