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Netflix’s Sweet Magnolias Season 2 out on Netflix?

Netflix hits the door of its screen with another series, “Sweet Magnolias”. Magnolias are based upon the Sherryl Woods book series. Sweet Magnolias Season 1 came out on Netflix this Tuesday itself. The show contains 10 episodes in total.

Season 1 is out for the public. Viewers who have already binged-watch the show are wondering whether there will be a sequel?
To answer the question, do read the take of cast members and the directors.

Sheryl J. Anderson told in her interview, she’s longing for the sequel. She said, the story was left open-ended in the 10 episodes. And to get the characters to a place Season 2 would be needed. She informed that she will be ready in one go for Season 2 as she loves the characters, cast and crew.

Director Norman Buckley feels that there is definitely a room for another Season. He said, he does not know how Netflix works or decides for the sequel. Although definitely a sequel will be good, he added.

Chris Klein who plays Bill Townsend believes that Season 1 fishes out the characters. Also, characters should be taken forward to complete their stories in Season 2. He also selflessly wants the sequel as he wants to know where his character Bill Townsend leads too.

Jamie Lynn who plays Noreen says she has her fingers crossed for the sequel. She is very excited to see where her character Noreen leads too.

Heather Headley playing Helen thinks that there will be a Season 2. She believes the first 10 episodes were enough to set the grounds for characters. Also, a sequel is required to grow the characters and to dive deeper.
Also, many other cast members want Season 2.

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  1. […] The streaming platform Netflix has not responded or provided any information regarding the arrival or renewal of Season 2. However, the audience is expecting the show and thus Netflix has found this response very encouraging, according to a news portal. The critics’ review for the show, however, has not been quite impressive and thus may prove to be problematic for season 2 of Sweet Magnolias. […]


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