Netflix’s Spinning Out Is All Intense With Ice Skating, Drugs And Is All You Need To Watch.


Netflix recently dropped the very first trailer for the upcoming series Spinning Out, and that’s a lot. It will be a 10 episodes drama that will feature the very talented skater Kate Barker (Kaya Scodelrio), and she is terrified to get back on the ice after a severe fall.

The trailer has got everything you might want in the upcoming ice-skating drama, where Kat runs to the washroom to take pills, which is a major secret that threatens to dismantle lives. Justin comparing Kat’s skating videos to porn, weir tries playing a competitive role who will stop at nothing to beat Kat and Justin, and were jokes about Tanya Harding and Jones yelling that “you will never be a champion!” Kat’s emotionally abusive mom played by mad men’s January Jones.


Spinning Out

In the trailer, it also shows a terrific statement by her mom, “you were perfect, but now when I look at you, all I see is wasted potential. You’ll never be a champion. Never!”

The Spinning Out trailer is all filled with dramatic and intense moments, along with a hint of the dark and deep secret of Kat’s past. The trailer gives Major Black Swan vibes, but it is not dark and disturbing.
All ten episodes of Spinning Out of season one will be out on Wednesday, January 1, on Netflix.