Netflix’s Reality Show Too Hot to Handle: Everything about The MADISON WYBORNY

Netflix’s 'Too Hot To Handle' - Every detail

Netflix’s Reality Show Too Hot to Handle: The least we got to know is about Madison out of all the contestants on Too Hot To Handle. It seemed like she didn’t mind that as she arrived late on the show and she even didn’t find a romantic connection. During her brief stay, she gave some commentary which was entertaining.

Madison resembled the poor man’s, Haley Cureton. Before Madison showed up Haley left, and clearly both were not assumed to be there. When Matthew and Madison were talking at a party, we say them to be the closest. Madison was not comfortable with Matthew so left the retreat shortly thereafter.

MADISON of Netflix’s Reality Show Too Hot to Handle


Madison was not interested in the remaining option which was available. The workshops in which she participated were a waste of time according to her. It turned out to be that Lana was wasting her time.

In the finale before the announcement if the winner and before the cash prize was distributed Lana sent Madison and Kori home. Kori had established connections with one woman. Madison wasn’t making any impressions on anyone over there.

Not much is out there on the internet about Madison like her time on the show. She is a model based out of Los Angeles. It is evident from her Instagram page that she is travelling quite a lot which sounds like a pretty wonderful life.

MADISON of Netflix's Reality Show Too Hot to Handle

Too Hot To Handle brought people from all walks of life from all over the globe so as to increase the thirst factor. It didn’t seem that Madison was wishing to hook up. Everyone else on the show had some semblance to sex- reliant lifestyle.

The flaws of the show- Too Hot To Handle were that irrespective of having a relatively less number of cast members- 14 in total we did not get to know about everyone in the show. Madison topped the list.

It was absolutely obvious that Madison would be sent home when Lana announced that she would be sending two people home. Madison does have the potential to be a major character on another show or may be another season of this show itself. But unfortunately she showed up a little too late.


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