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Netflix’s Original “Work It”: Trailer Is Out! Find Out All The Details.

Work It: Updates, Sabrina Carpenter is back with another Netflix movie after ‘Tall Girl’. Netflix always keeps up with the teenagers and the young generation. So, to add to the list of teen movies here comes a new movie, “Work It”. Work It is a teen rom-com dance movie. It is expected to be another big hit of Netflix. Find out all about the movie.

The Storyline Of “Work It”:


The trailer of the movie is out on Netflix. Let’s dive into the synopsis of the trailer. The main lead of the movie is Sabrina Carpenter, a Youtuber Liza Koshy, and Jordan Fisher. If you are thinking that the movie revolves around a bunch of dance experts then you’re completely wrong. Sabrina Carpenter plays the character of Quinn Ackerman who is not a dancer. Quinn is well in studies but she is not a great fan of dancing. Though, she is forced to dance.

Quinn wants to get into a top-tier college for which she needs excellence even in extra-curriculum activities. So, she decides to join a dance team in order to participate in the Work It competition. If she wins she will have the desired college and if she doesn’t she will lose. This is where her problem starts.

She is rejected by the dance team and then she decides to open her own dance team. Quinn and her best friend (played by Liza Koshy) assemble the team of dancers. Also, they find a choreographer for whom Quinn feels romantically. Does Quinn have a chance to win?

Find out on August 7, 2020, only on Netflix.

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