Netflix’s New True Crime Documentary Series Is About A Disturbing Internet Manhunt


In Netflix’s new true-crime documentary series Three Identical Strangers, producers discover what happens after a group of internet seekers try to bring in a cat killer. It quickly turns into one of the most twisted crime stories of the Internet era.

The three-part documentary series FF ** k With Cats: The Victim of an Internet Killer is told from the perspective of three avid Internet users whom one day find disturbing videos of an unknown person named Luca Magnotta – who kills, Who kills two kittens. In response, they swear to find the man directly in the video to prevent him from harming any other animals – or individuals.


Using the smallest details found in the footage, the group can put together clues to identify Magnetta. Later, the group faced apprehensions: The man who killed the two cats had gone to kill Jun Lin, a student at Concordia University, and even posted it online for all to see.
An investigative video stated, “The Internet is infinite.” “There are happy places. And then there’s another part of the Internet. Seedley Underbelly.”

In 2011, Magnotta was identified by animal rights activists as the man behind the cat’s video, a year before he would kill Lynn. When they destroyed Lynn’s body and shipped parts to various places, they fled to Germany to eliminate law enforcement.

In 2014, Magnotta was arrested by police after a man found him reading articles about himself online at a coffee shop in Berlin.

In December of 2014, Magnotta – whose lawyers tried and failed to argue the insanity plea – was convicted of first-degree murder, along with four other charges. He was given no chance of parole in 25 years in prison.

The story is as twisted as they come, but at the same time offers a different view of society’s collective interest in true crime. While some criticize those who lurk on the pages of Reddit, watching stories of true crime from afar, in this case, people on the Internet have participated in an attempt to solve a crime in real-time. Banned.

The documentary series also states that connecting with the world at large via the Internet can be a good and bad thing. Magnotta was attracted to the attention online by his acts of violence, but the Internet was also where a group of people got together to try to prevent him from doing more harm.