Netflix’s Messiah Season 2 is officially Releasing and Fans expectation from the season 2

Messiah Season 2 Is Officially Happening Netflix network has come up with all kinds of unique stories, be it fantasy fiction or supernatural horror genre.

However, fans are particularly taking an interest in a recent TV show Messiah. 

The show spins around a CIA agent who is investigating a surprising case of a strange man who is declaring to be the rebirth of Jesus Christ.

When Is The Second Season Of Messiah Coming?

The first season received some mixed responses. Although, it has been quite a famous show since it’s release.

 Fans loved the story Al-Masih, who is an enigmatic person claiming to be Jesus. The story takes a rather political turn into people trying to prove the entire act as a ploy.

The man soon forms a huge cult after he performs a set of mystic marvels. This led to an investigation.

It leads to the question that whether Netflix will renewal the show for the second season. The main cast will reunite for the second season too.

New Controversy Ahead regarding the next season.

However, the show drew some negative backlash about the content. The show was cited for promoting anti-Islamic propaganda. 

Still considering the fact, the ending of the first season was quite mysterious.

In a particular interview, actor Mehdi Dehbi shared how a lot of the show is left up for the audience. With season 1 of show releasing in January 2020 we cannot expect the next season anytime before 2021. 

The storyline of the show will surely expand in the second season.  The Messiah’s disciples might increase so we have to see whether it’s for better or worse.  Is he the real messiah or does he have an ulterior motive?

 Well, we have to wait for season 2 for the actual answers.

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