Netflix’s Love is Blind Finale Was Shocking For Us And Everything you should know


Over the past three months, Netflix’s Love Is Blind has established itself as one of the most sensational reality dating shows in history. It involves a group of drunk contestants who consent to marry each other after forging a verbal link through thin, opaque walls over many days. 

After they are engaged, the contestants go on a honeymoon, move in together, and get married. This occurs in one. The aim, as elusive show hosts Vanessa and Nick Lachey explain, is to establish “whether love really is blind.”


Now, that question was answered from the Love Is Blind finale, wherein couples said yes (or no) at the altar, with numerous amounts of chaos ensuing after the fact. Here are the top moments from the most significant episode of the show:

Giannina’s Escape Through the Woods

Damian and Giannina appear to despise each other and establish themselves as among the most combative couples of the show early on. 

Their disagreements largely revolve around what Damian perceives to become Giannina’s excessive use of social networking (she’s an influencer) however their most devastating moment is a discussion in their sex life:

“You know the best way to tell me this is the best sex of your life? Have you noticed that I don’t return the compliment?” A slack-jawed Damian is asked by Giannina while they are in separate rooms, during a confrontation that takes place.

Their wedding day was characteristically tense: The previous incident had closed with Giannina stating “I do” at the altar, also this one started with Damian responding, pink-faced and tear-soaked, with”I don’t.”

After a lot of gasping and how dare yous, Giannina runs out of the wedding tent in complete blossom regalia and into a nearby forest. There, she removes what appears to be six-inch heels and drops into a mud whispering, fiercely, “I am outta here.”

Kenny’s Cut-the-Cameras Moment

Kelly and Kenny would be the dullest couple of the show, and Kenny bats an eye if he is, left by his fiancée, Kelly at the altar. This comes as a small surprise since Kenny “checks all of the boxes,” but Kelly has invested a lot of time in prior episodes describing that she’s not in any way drawn to him and comparing him, at length, to her ex.

By becoming an altercation with his cameraman, Jimmy, that refuses to stop filming 33, but in a moment after the wedding, Kenny conveys a yet-unseen degree of emotion. The back-and-forth goes as follows:

Jimmy: You wanna marry her in the future?

Kenny: I actually can’t answer that question. You have to respect the fact that I am telling this to you. Please stop recording. That’s wrong.

Jimmy: [Continues recording. ] What?

Kenny: What you are asking me.

Jimmy, you feel about Kelly?

This is not how I feel about Kelly. I am not going to get things. Please stop recording.

Jimmy: [Continues recording. ] So you do not know if you’re going to stay with her?

It does not matter. I am not replying.

Jimmy: [Continues recording Kenny, who’s in tears, as”Dynasty” by MIIA plays in the background. ]

Giannina’s Mom Attempts to Comfort Her Jilted Daughter


Following Giannina escapes into a parking lot next to a highway, her mother, who had been running after her into a shimmering silver gown and from the woods, Tries to comfort her:

Giannina’s mom: [in Spanish] What’s shit. Ideally, you would have said no and he’d have said yes… You should have said no?

[She starts to sob as Giannina hugs her. ]