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Netflix’s Love Is Blind Damain Powers And Giannina Gibelly Are Back Together

WARNING: Love Is Blind spoilers ahead

¬†Love Is Blind viewers were left shocked. Nonetheless, it turns out as they are definitely, we could all calm down. They made it into the altar when Damian decided to call time on their relationship, resulting in Gigi falling flat on her face — and running away.

However, speaking to before this eagerly-anticipated reunion show on Thursday, Love Is Blind producer Chris Coelen told us they’ve ‘tried to re-engage’.¬†

When asked if any of the non-married couples had covertly reunited, he explained:’I will tell you Gigi and Damian…’There is a reunion coming out next week however Gigi and Damian love one another, obviously they’re a tempestuous couple. They have a very volatile relationship.

There was one couple that broke off it that’s tried to re-engage and that’s Damien and Gigi. ‘And we. We’ll see.’ We will see. And they are not the only happy ending for Love Is Blind, as Amber Pike and Matthew Barnett are blissfully and not all kinds of color throwing at Jessica Batten.

Even though Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton were spotted kissing up a storm in the finale party. Thanks for the invite, ermmmm, huns. Unfortunately, love neglected to blossom to get Mark and Jessica Cuevas, who are nevertheless good friends.

And Kenny Barnes and Kelly Chase have taken things in their mindful uncoupling, unfollowing every other. Well, they’ll always have Mexico… Love Is Blind is available to flow on Netflix now.



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