Netflix’s latest Movie “Under the Riccione Sun”, Cast Info, Story-line, And Other Detail

Under the Riccione Sun: Updates, Netflix is surprising us with a lot of movies and shows. One such movie is Under the Riccione Sun which is broadcasted on the streaming platform of Netflix. The genre of the movie is romance and comedy.

They are one of the most difficult genres to deal with because when the movie focuses on one aspect the other one misses out. Fans will be judging is this a case with Under the Riccione Sun or not. Find out all the details about the movie.

The Storyline Of Under The Riccione Sun:

The show revolves around a bunch of friends among which is a nerd and one who is an extrovert. Friends are looking for love and relationships and they help each other in the love life. The nerd one seeks help from another friend to impress a girl. The story revolves around Riccione beach and it is the time for summer love.

When the boys are trying to impress the girls that are the funny part and involves a lot of funny scenes. The summer love is not just for the boys, it is also for the middle-aged couples. The movie inculcates a lot of love and comedy and ultimately the Riccione beach.

The Cast Of The Under The Riccione Sun:

Under the Riccione Sun-

The Cast of the movie includes Lorenzo Zurzolo, Cristiano Caccamo, and Isabella Ferrari.

The movie is waiting for you to watch it. Under the Riccione, Sun was released on July 1, 2020, on Netflix.
Immediately you should go and watch this movie of summer love.

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