Netflix’s La Casa De Papel Money Heist Season 4 Returning Back With Its Season 4.


It’s the time for Heist again, so mark your calendars now. Money Heist is already with its season 4. The Season 3 came to an end on a theatrical note, which created curiosity and eagerly wait for all the fans. At the end of Season 3, they talk about season 4 had started, but now the confusion is whether season 4 will be the last one to this sequence or Season 4 will end with a wait for something more. Among all the shows on Netflix, this is the most successful running show till now.

Money Heist is a Spanish Show which is called La Casa De Papel. The show was originally made by Alex Pina and is of now having the most viewed and was accepted to break many records as far. The stars have recently revealed the new Season on January 18 of 2020. Netflix has further not declared any other insights about season 4. The show will be continued from the third Season of the last known point of interest.


Money Heist Season 4

Where the teacher admitted his adoration for Lisbon just after the admission where she was captured, the show has a lot of bluff holders. Netflix has released a teaser video of the new series. The clip shows all the major cast in their very iconic red jumpsuits. The new Season is expected to see how the team attempts to escape from the bank despite being surrounded by police.

The biggest shock is the reveal of Nairobi. Viewers will remember from season 3 where she was left bleeding, and her fellow heist member tried to save her. The new trailer ends with a slow reveal hinting that she could be back again. The season 4 of Money Heist will be released on April 3, 2020, with all episodes streaming on Netflix.