Netflix’s Fatal Affair Will Be Releasing This July


Netflix’s Fatal Affair Will Be Releasing This July.

The upcoming movie is written and directed by Peter Sullivan. Sullivan has mostly worked on the Netflix movie Secret Obsession that was released last year to mixed reviews and this movie seems to cut very much from the same cloth.


The movie stars Nia Long who will play the character of Ellie and Omar Epps who will play the character of David. Nia and Omar had both appeared side by side in the movie released by Miramax in the year 1999.

Netflix’s Fatal Affair

Fatal Affair

Nia Long is best known for her role on Third Watch but has also featured in the comedy franchise Big Momma’s house and more recently, The Banker that released on Apple TV+.

Actor Omar Epps is certainly known for his role on Fox’s House where he had played Dr. Eric Foreman. More recently he had featured on USA Network’s Shooter.

The other stars include:

  • Stephen Bishop as Michael (known for Moneyball)
  • Aubrey Cleland as Britanny (known for Lethal Weapon series)
  • Maya Stojan as Courtney (known for Castle)
  • Kj Smith as Deborah (known for Lethal Weapon)
  • Carolyn Hennesy as Janice (known for Terminator 3)
  • Kate Orsini as Lauralee (known for NCIS)
  • Lyn Alicia Henderson as Detective Larson (known for ER)

What is the movie about?

The upcoming movie has been described as a Dark Thriller by actor Omar Epps and will see Ellie try to mend her marriage but then gets involved with someone else from her past who turns out to be more dangerous than she previously realised.

The Releasing Date;

The movie was announced for the first time back in October 2019. According to some of the sources, the majority of the filming for the movie took place in LA and began on October 22nd 2020. It then wrapped up in early 2020 and thus, avoided any of the COVID 19 disruptions many other productions has seen.

We also got a teaser trailer earlier in the year when Oma Repps featured on Netflix’s Strong Black Legends Podcast where he described Fatal Affair as a fun film but did not go anything about the plot.