Netflix’s F Is For Family Season 4 Is the Perfect Show To Watch For Father’s Day

F is For Family Season 4

The third season for the show ‘F Is For Family ended with an interesting cliff-hanger, as Frank’s abusive father, William, the source of Frank’s famously short fuse, now arrived at the Murphy household.

The fourth season of the show explores the difficult, complex relationship between the two men, it also shows the psychological wounds of their childhood will fester, which was left untreated.

But, Frank’s memories of a towering tyrant do not quite match with their sweet little old man who has arrived at their house.

Annoyingly for Frank, his father has always been very good at keeping up their appearances, his terrible temper only erupting in his privacy on his home.

The ager of Frank is not quite calculated; the man will happily explode at home. Even at a restaurant, or even in his childhood school.

 F is For Family Season 4

It is not healthy, exactly, but it is much more honest than the secret temper of William. But the charms of William contrasts with Frank’s chronic irritability, which is already at his boiling point from the stress of his father’s presence, and then very soon the whole family is won over by their new grandfather.

Of course, William cannot hide his abusive or dangerous side forever, and then Frank certainly is not going to forget about it at all.

The season also sees that Frank attempting to reach a good understanding with his father, as well as re-examining his very own parenting, trying to break the cycle of the anger before his children end up inheriting too.

We know that F is For Family is always great at exploring some serious kind of issues that disproportionately affect the whole working class, then the ever-present specter of the mounting debt, the soul-crushing grind of working for a company makes everything great for the fans.


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