Netflix’s Castlevania Season 3: 5 Hidden Details That Everyone Missed


The third season on Netflix of Castlevania was filled with nods to the games, but the most devoted fans might have missed these details.

Season three of Castlevania has launched on Netflix, and similar to the past two, it’s filled with gothic horror, action, and complex plotting between humanity and the supernatural. 


Also like previous seasons, the series takes a lot of inspiration in the video game series it’s based on, utilizing the huge universe of the games to fill out a lot of its central plot, but as well as to craft the small details of the world.

5 Minotaur

Castlevania has lots of critters in the show that are unique and others who have inspirations to their layouts which may be traced back into the matches, but every once and a while a creature shows up that’s lifted straight from some Super Nintendo cartridge and set into the display.

In one of those fights that are brief, Trevor and Sypha easily dispatch a bunch of monsters, among which will be the minotaur enemy which gamers face in the entrances of this game series. With them sporting the ax the plan is exact.

4 Camilla’s Castle In Styria


It’s in the state of Styria, which is a true country in Austria when we see the castle of Camilla. Also, but it’s the same place that the castle is located in the game collection.

The castle’s design pulls from multiple matches, seeing as in different game entrances have appeared several times to it and looked different in most of them. 

The show’s design is largely similar to Circle of the Moon, which features the castle as the central location of the entire game.

3 Giant Mech

In the series, Saint Germain is trying to master using the Infinite Corridor, a gateway between worlds and times. Throughout a vision he has, while the door is open, he sees that a mech of some kind running right at him from the desert.

This could be a reference to the mech enemies the player faces in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow two, or perhaps Germain is temporarily seeing the much future of 2035, that’s the setting for the trilogy of afterward games made for the Nintendo DS.

2 Stone Mask

In certain Castlevania video games, players can find and collect stone masks that were used for evil rituals.

Players may use the masks to acquire buffs to their abilities and stats or to or collect more gold.

When Isaac is entering the shop where he receives the mirror to monitor Hector, the shop-keeper sets it away on a shelf and is polishing one of these masks.

1 Monsters From Hell

In the climax of the season, as they emerge out of a portal to Hell Sypha and Trevor must battle with demons. The majority of the demons are taken from the matches. 

Notably obvious is that the lesser demon from many of the games, the fire demon and the giant Galamoth from Symphony of the Night, and the Malachi, the squid led cop from multiple Castlevania games. 

The battle is created more epic by recognizing those beasties, especially since some of them aren’t pushovers from the sport.


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