Netflix V Wars Season 2 Possible Release Date, Plot, Cast


The blood-thirsty vampires may be returning for Another run to

The streaming giant’s brand new show, V Wars, has intrigued lovers and released on Dec 5 this year.


A season’s question is now lingering in the minds of everyone, and we are covering all of the details.

V Wars: Is there a second season?

Netflix has confirmed anything seeing a second Season to the sequence. But producer Ian Somerhalder and the lead actor is currently hoping for a different season.

In an interview with DigitalSpy he had been quoted stating, “Season one of shows, they’re tough.

You are trying to find your footing; you are trying to locate your personality, you’re looking for the appearance of the show. You’re learning a lot…”

Release Date?

We actually can’t predict anything since the show has not been renewed.
Season 1 premiered on Dec 5, 2019. A season 2, if given the green light, can be expected in 2021.


Since there is a tremendous amount of source material The second season could proceed in almost any way.

Actor Adrian Holmes stated, “The show itself is progressive and touches a lot of issues that wehave to deal with, such as environmental problems and climate change.”

V Wars is different from the conventional Vampire genre in that it Isn’t a snack that turns a person. Instead, it’s a virus. And a person needs to have a human gene to become.


Besides Ian Somerhalder and Adrian Holmes, the cast also includes
Jacky Lai,  Michael Greyeyes,Peter Outerbridge, and Kimberly-Sue Murray.