Netflix Timeline Description – The Witcher


Finally, the long-awaited adaptation of Netflix has come, which opens the audience to a new world of magicians, witches and monster hunting. However, this event can follow the three main points of Geralt, Yennefer, and Ciri, but is part of a much larger story.

Spectators will be coming soon, so The Witcher will be hired in 3 different conditions. This split in The Witchers Timeline is confusing for some viewers, so I’m here to explain why. Why can understanding deadlines help you get rich without confusing history? Whether it was Yennifer’s lineage, Ciri hunted or chased Geralt’s monsters in stormy weather, served a greater purpose than history. But checking how deadlines overlap or overlap will help viewers keep track of things.


The Witcher

The Earliest Timeline: Yennefer’s Origin-

Spectators greet Yennifer (Anya Chalotra) in the 2nd episode entitled “Four Marks”. But the plot is still far from the Witcher’s story, because it is definitely an important part of it, and is mainly focused on teaching magic in Aretuza, a magic academy that turns talented young magicians into certified wizards.

This chapter of Yennifer’s story belongs to him, so character fans will be happy to see it decades before the other episodes (a byproduct of the longevity the wizard enjoys).

The Second Timeline: Geralt’s Adventures

The start schedule for the show should look like a “basic layout,” and for most people who come to The Witcher for The Witcher, this is basically one. One or two characters can switch from one parameter to another, but this is all about the story of Geralt.

The time spent as a witch was intentionally unclear, so it was impossible to understand where the original origin was compared to Yennifer. Geralt killed monsters (and humans) 30 years after Yennifer introduced them.

The Third Timeline: Ciri’s Story


After the first episode (or the first episode for those who pay special attention), it should be clear that the two main terms for the magician are Geralt and Character (Freya Allan). The fact that Treit’s life is similar to the main timeline, and the Witcher series almost follows the stars, shows that each thread is as important and important as the next.

Nevertheless, the first and subsequent episodes confirm that the “prize” of Ciri for the future Geralt is from 10 to 15 years. The converse is also true.

Geralt’s important adventure was a feature and adventure for her grandmother, Calanthe, 15 years ago. These are questions that are filled with spoilers in the series itself, and they need to be avoided and used first. We hope that the separation of time will allow viewers to absorb all the actions left by the author and will have a shocking effect on the formation of the world in just eight episodes.

Now the witcher can only broadcast on Netflix.