Best Netflix Thriller Series That You Shouldn’t Miss in 2022!

We are with the 8 famous thriller drama, comment if you want more recommendations.

Thriller dramas have always been a fan favorite genre. After Netflix stepped into the world, it has brought some amazing new series into the light, thanks to Netflix for giving us the new definition of thriller dramas. In recent years, the trend of these shows has risen and proven to be a boon for the entertainment world. 

Thriller, is by far, one of the most loved genres among the people. Anyone who has not introduced these genres is surely missing something in their life, Thanks to Netflix for bringing some of the popular and amazing shows to us. I think that after the OTT platform entered our lives, it has surely improved the entertainment world. 


I mean who doesn’t love the suspense and cliffhanger ending. These kinds of series have always put the audience in the corner of the bed. As I already say that Netflix has some amazing collections of thriller shows but not every series is the same. Not every series holds the same position but there are a few shows which should be watched by everyone. 

In this article, we’ll be talking about all the amazing thriller dreams that are available on Netflix. If you are someone who is looking for an amazing show to watch this weekend then continue reading this article till the end. Find out amazing shows here and then stream them on Netflix. 

Squid Game

Squid Game

Starting the list with the recently released Korean drama that has shaken the world with its amazing content. I think there is rarely anyone who has not to herald about this show. When the series was released, it created a buzz among the people, The show was everywhere, from the internet to the news channel and everyone was talking about its generosity. 

Squid Game is a Korean thriller drama that focuses on Korean childhood games. The series stars amazing actors and have a build-up plot. The story will keep the audience hooked up through the entire season. The first season was a blockbuster hit and the series is ranked top in the Netflix category. 

The story centers around 456 people who are in a heavy financial crisis and have a big debt in their heads. Lead through an unknown organization that helps these people to play childhood games and earn money. Whosoever wins the game would take 45.6 Billion Won to their home. But the game is not easy and it cost a life to earn it.

After the release of Squid Game on Netflix, fans watched and appreciated the show for being super suspenseful and full of unknown plots. The series is even ranked top in the Netflix chart and have been the most-watched Netflix series ever, If by any chance you have missed the show then you should defiantly watch it.

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Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad

If you are already over with action and romance series then we have something different for you. What happens when an intelligent professor decided to do something with his life so that he can have a better living. There is no such series that would match the super popular Breaking Bad. 

Leave the thriller list, breaking Bad is by far one of the most popular TV dramas that have ever been made for the audience. If you don’t believe me then you can google it. Many shows have been made on the screen but I doubt if any one of the shows has ever given such a good competition to Breaking Bad. 

The series has released five seasons and the show was already ended back in 2008 but still, the show is among the top TV dramas and has been a way of binge-watching for the public. 

Breaking bad is an AMC series but the show is already available on Netflix to watch.  The series has some amazing fighting and actions scenes that would excite the fans to go watch the next episodes. Focuses on the life of Walter White who has been wanting to have a change in his lifestyle and he does it in the later seasons.



How far you will go for love? Not as far as the main character of Netflix’s You Series. Focused on the life of  Joe Goldberg, who has planned to find a perfect girl for her. The handsome smart guy has already so many girls in his life but he is still waiting for the one to come to him. 

But the beauty only lies till his face and stops where the audience started to find the real intentions of Joe Goldberg. You are one of the exclusive series on Netflix and the series has already worked greatly over the plats season. What happens when joe falls for a perfect girl?  The obsession with finding the perfect girl has taken him back to some of the weirdest places. 

If he finds a girl, he is ready to do anything in the series. From staking to blackmailing and blackmailing. Netflix’s You is just the greatest series on the OTT platform.  

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Outer Banks

Outer Banks

Created by Shannon Burke, Jonas Pate, and Josh Pate, Outer banks have proven their capability in the last few years. The series follows a not-so-normal storyline and have some amazing characters that would be remembered forever. The teenager thriller drama was officially released in 2020 and within a year, the series got renewed for its second se4ason. Fans have already loved the show and rated the series amazing ratings. 

Centers around the group of three best friends who are in search of the treasure that was long lost but now that is also linked with one of their father’s disappearances. The series follows plots that will turn the story and make you wonder about its future. As for now, there are two seasons released of the series. With the end of two seasons, the officials have already renewed the show and soon the third season is going to happen.

Moreover, the series is narration based and everything makes perfect through John B’s voice. It shows the life in North Carolina where all the three best friend lives. The story makes the perfect balance of the present and past and linked the story in such a way that you will start getting more invested as you grow towards the series. 

Locke & Key

Locke & Key

Based on the most popular novel series that shares the same name, Locke & Key is Netflix’s adaptation of the award-winning novel by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodríguez. The series is filled with fanatics and horror senses but the suspense continues to be there toll the last episodes. Anyone who craves good thriller dreams, Lok & Key won’t disappoint you

The series pulls the best suspense story on Netflix. Every episode of the show is like an adventure and with the cooperation of the cast, the series maintained its greatness throughout the end. Because of the mishappening in life, the family decided to move back to their old house which was in Matheson. 

In the house, the loke kids find out some strange bunch of keys that are enclosed with super magical powers. The story of these powers was later explored in the show. With the bunch of magic, the series kept getting better as you progressed in the show. But what happens when the kids tried to unlock the deadly evils? 

The creators have amazingly adapted the show and tried to manage their best to bring out the amazing of the series. Outside the Netflix, the series doesn’t get much recognition as it desires but I would like to add here that Netflix has already rated the show among their top shows. 

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Money Heist

Money Heist

One of the greatest things that these OTT platforms ahs served to the audience is bringing the world’s best shows to a place. Now, the audience can watch amazing shows from all around the world. Money Heist is by far one of the greatest Heist show that I have ever watched. 

I would have never imagined that these non-English shows would be so meaningful to us. Thanks to Netflix for getting me into such a wide platform and introducing the amazing cast of Money heist. So, robbery is not always boring because if you have a brilliant professor on your side, you have to do whatever you want. 

The money Heist is a story of whist by the groups of some people who have already done some of the greatest crimes or not so. The whole story focus on the group of people who planned to heist one of the greatest banks in the world. Money Heist was earlier meant to be a two-season show but after Netflix watched the popularity of the series, it was Italy booked and got renewed for more seasons. 

Ad for no, the show has already compelled releasing the episodes, and anyone who has not watched the series yet can watch it now. One of the things that would attract the viewers is the cast, beside the windblown storyline, the cast would leave a great impression on your mind that you will care every single second of your life while watching the series. So, get ready with your mask and be prepared to loot the bank of Spain because we are here for the money. 



Shocking sci-fi series are getting more intense and it is one of the reasons why you should watch them. Dark is undoubtedly the best Sci-fi series and if you are looking for some suspense top add up, it will do. Dark is the first German-Netflix Sci-fi series that is ever released on the OTT platform. 

The series has kept the audience thinking about the logic behind the science and no matter how hard you try, the show will keep getting better and the suspense will be getting intense. The show was originally released in 2017 and has been running for 3 seasons. 

If someone has an eye on those shows that hold massive suspense and unknown plot turns, this show will do for you. The series connects the plot beyond the imagination and this is something one shouldn’t miss. With three amazing seasons, the show has already gotten much appreciation and achievements from the people. 

After watching the series, you will see why there is so much hype about it around the internet. The show has maintained its brilliance over the years. What you will love inside the show is the power of true cinematography that connects ever linked. The series is a masterpiece in itself. 



We all have heard and watched the documentary upon b the serial killers. But what broke them? There are many series that are typically based on these people and there are many interviews that focus on them but the latest Netflix’s Mindhunter is something else. 

Focusing on the FBI in the late 1970s, this series brings out amazing stories throughout the whole show. Based on the popular Mindhunter: Inside the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit, the series is of true-crime-based books that were authored by John E. Douglas and Mark Olshaker. 

The whole series is not true, some fictional elements make the series more interesting. Added with the limitations, the series would make you feel anxious as you move forward with it. The main lead has performed supremely outstanding. Of course, Jonathan Groff and Holt McCallany are a much-talked duo and they deserve enough recognition. 

The show is great for those who are just there for the thriller. But more than that, the series has some amazing concepts that would keep your interest. Must appreciate series that have bound with the real and reel life incidents. The majority of the characters are real-life-based, The whole story popularly focused on the period when the people started to study psychology. 

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