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Netflix The Half Of It: Paul Looks Very Familiar Know Why?

Netflix The Half Of It : Daniel Diemer is not exactly a known entity in the Hollywood industry just yet, but we all know that he is well on his way. The young Canadian actor is the head topics of some of the real buzz now that he also can be seen in Netflix’s teen romance show named “The Half Of It”. The show is also very much famous in the online streaming giant.

The modern-day “Cyrano de Bergerac” with a queer twist is the very first film from Alice Wu since her very beloved 2005 movie Saving Face. The project was very eye-catching and it caught some attention even before the trailers won over the fans of romantic comedy. As one of the leads of the movie, Daniel can now understand why people instantly fell for the feel of it.

Netflix The Half Of It Updates


He revealed that ‘I think the very same reason that I fell in love with the script, from the very first time that I read it. The whole thing felt so much heartfelt. That it was a human soul that had written all of this, that it wasn’t just to entertain, it was not just to make money, it was someone who was telling their part of the story’. Daniel revealed all of this to Brief Take.

He plays the role of Paul Minsky, in the show he is a lovesick jock and is too anxious to express his feelings for his classmate Aster Flores which is played by Alexxis Lemire. He then enlists Ellie Chu to write the letters to Aster for him this is a plan that leads to two girls unwittingly falling for each other. While Daniel is not the main focus of the film, his on-screen chemistry with Lewis’ Elle helps the propel the movie along.

If one of you have watched this film and then found yourself wondering where you have seen Daniel before then we are here to help.

Previously Daniel Diemer served as a freedom fighter. But, nevertheless, there is a chance where one might have seen him before in some of the high-profile productions




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