Netflix: ‘The Eddy’, the series lacked Naturalism

The Eddy Netflix Review
The Eddy is a Damien Chazelle series. We can’t actually account it under only one name as there is a team of directors who directed the series. All the big directors are in the list including an Oscar-winning director Chazelle. The premise of the series revolves around a Jazz club in Paris. The 8 episodes series was released on 8th May but it seems like it was not much good in pleasing the audience.

The Eddy Not Up To The Mark

The Eddy Netflix Review

The series had a lot of moments where it actually seemed like a mix of thoughts. As the series had a lot of big directors in its credit list so an excellent piece of work was expected. Well, we can clearly witness that the work was not up to the mark of the maker’s fame. The series was a mix of French and English culture. But again there was not much realism in the roles and their depiction.


The Cast

The characters of the show were not much natural. In fact, the story and its depiction lacked the direction. Now you will think how could a movie will lack direction when it has a number of big directors? So the answer to that question must be that Too Many Cooks Spoil The Broth.

Netflix: ‘The Eddy’ – lacked Naturalism

The characters in the series are speaking fluent English no matter they are Parisians or Suburbanites. But in reality, we all know how much Parisians speak fluent English. One more disturbing scenario of the series is when Tahar Rahim disappears just like that. There is no news about him later in the show.

Maybe his disappearance was a scam. The series moved it story like so much fluent that it was not grasped by anyone. The series totally moves as if it had a lot of minds working for it and nobody actually knew how to put the things clearly in front of the camera.