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Netflix Skin Decisions: Introduces Reality Of Plastic Surgery World




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Netflix Skin Decision We all know in this twenty-first century, beauty is taken as more important than loving themselves. For these reasons many models and people mend themselves, to make a new version, which they find more attractive according to the world. ie. Lip enhancement, augmentation surgery, etc.

Netflix’s Skin Decisions Is A Show Which Will Disclose The Reality Of This 44 Billion Dollar Industry.

Netflix Skin Decisions- Introduces Reality Of Plastic Surgery World

The whole concept of plastic surgery is debatable, some people like it others like to be the way they are. Mostly just to mend oneself, society frowns it. In many of the movies and the series, plastic surgery has even been shown as a joke.

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The series starts with two people who want to change their appearance via plastic surgery. Then we get into their story regarding why they want to improve their presentations, their insecurities, and much more. The two participants meet skin specialists, Sheila Nazarian, Jamie Sherill Jamie is known for her work with celebrities like the Kardashians.

The show proceeds as the subjects start showing their expectation and what they want from the to look afterward. However, Plastic Surgery Needs Goes Beyond Cosmetic Insecurities To Emotional, Tragic Events

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As opposed to the common notion that Plastic surgery is to make people look better and not accept their natural bodies, it goes much beyond that. Throughout the series, “Skin Decisions: Before & After” shows that plastic surgery is more than just a cosmetic tool.

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Many of the subjects that come on the series had had a traumatic experience in their real-life, which has made them change their appearance. Many of the subjects had gone through scarring and disfigurement, and some were gender-affirming as well.

The series shows that plastic surgeries can also be a person’s way of healing.

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