This series is a very good and adventurous one among many genres. Lost in Space season two now finds the Robinsons still desperately trying to get colony ship The Resolute to their final destination in the Alpha Centauri star system but by the end of this season, they are more lost than ever.

The second season for this series of Netflix sci-fi reboot picks up seven months after the climatic seasons one finale, with the Robinsons still stranded in a very strange star system than the Robot warned that time was ‘danger’.

They are eventually able to reconnect with the Resolute, only to find its colonists evacuated to a very nearby planet and a very terrible secret within the Resolute’s engine core the entire colony ship was built around the remains of the alien ship that had crashed on Earth it is called as Christmas Star.

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That had an enslaved robot called Scarecrow has been piloting the Resolute back and forth from Earth and Alpha Centauri.

Then the Robinsons also meet Ben Adler, he is a senior Resolute crew member who once had a bond with the Scarecrow that was similar to the connection between Will and Robot.

But unfortunately, the rest of the Robot is quite not so friendly, and in the season finale, The Resolute is once again targeted by a wrathful band of machines who are thinking to retrieve the engine which also happens the only way to get the colonist to Alpha.

Then there are a lot more that goes on in the series, it is quite an interesting series so far the storyline is very good for their season two. The season has a good many good remarks from the fans because of its storyline then the characters as well of how they acted their roles.

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