The Alienist

We might have watched or know-how and what this series is about. The Alienist is based on the story of a psychologist who is seen investigating a ritualistic killer.

He has been murdering the children in New York. The name if the psychologist is Laszlo Kreizler.


There is a full chance of this series to come out with their new season. On August 16th, 2019, it was very officially confirmed that the show would have a second season.

Moreover, the second season that will come out will be based on the sequel of the original novel. The novel on which it will be based ‘the angel of darkness’.

The executive vice-president of the show named Sarah Aubrey said in an interview that the first season of the series got tremendous success. And the production team is very excited to see back on the screen.

She also noted that the immensely talented and accomplished showrunner did not just do the justice to Caleb Carr’s show, but they even added a unique point of view to it.

The release date for the show would be or it is expected that it would release by 2020. These statistics are mere predictions. Unfortunately, no air date has been announced yet till now.

The show first broadcasted weekly on the US TV in TNT, and then after that, it landed all together on Netflix in the UK.

There will be so much that will be happening in the new season two. Some of our investigations say that there might be some new villains.

The investigations bring them to a mysterious woman. She has a murderous past. It is said that the women are even connected to the notorious gang as well.

We hope that the fans of this series do not have to wait for the second season to come. But we know that it will come as soon as possible.