Netflix Series: Chilling adventures of Sabrina and Sabrina , the Teenage Witch are stil different.


In 2018, when Netflix premiered ” Chilling adventures of Sabrina”, it rose to eminence immediately and had a considerable fan following in a short time. The story of Sabrina is inspired by ” Sabrina, The Teenage Witch” which premiered in 1996.

This series followed Sabrina Spellman after learning she and her father’s side of the film are Witches, on the occasion of her 16th birthday. The series was a sitcom, placing Sabrina in the comical and majestic situation.


However, Sabrina’s portrayal in the Netflix series has a darker tone to it. In the Netflix version, Sabrina faces life-threatening problems than shown in the nineties Sitcom. Fans can’t help but draw common and not so common occurrence between the two.

As portrayed in the Netflix version, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has not grown its main characters and they are continued to be shown in high school. Moreover, this series depicts Sabrina making choices that she sure does come to regret later.

Meanwhile, Sabrina, the teenage witch, shows a more mature version of Sabrina who’s keen to learn magic and use it effectively. Thus Sabrina grows as a woman and the last episode shows her graduating and getting hold of a professional job.

The 1996 series depicts Sabrina having lots of friends and even a boyfriend. However, throughout the series, they eventually grow apart from each other. The Netflix version allows Sabrina mortal friends, Harvey, Theo, Roz and allows her to explore her surroundings.


Thereby allowing the audience more access into their lives, providing more of an understanding of their characters.
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has posed some rather curious questions about her past. In the flashback segment, she is shown looking at two babies instead of one. However, the identity or the details of the second baby is uncertain and never revealed.

Teenage witch too has its share of mystery but the truth is revealed, making it’s ending slightly anti-climatic.
The Netflix version focuses mostly on the main Spellman members, Sabrina, Hilda, Zelda, and Ambrose. While they mention Sabrina’s late parents, little has been shown about them or their history.

The teenage witch depicts her extended relatives playing a significant role in her life. Even though they aren’t the main characters they often provide significant information about her family.

Moreover, the Netflix version spends way too much time showing Sabrina trying to manage the mortal and the magical world, from attending the public high school to the Academy of Unseen Arts.

However, the Teenage witch is rather more comical accompanied by Sabrina’s interaction with the magical world but for the most part, she remains grounded in the mortal world.