This series is a German science fiction thriller series and also the first German-language show on Netflix. This series is also loved by many people and their fans as well. it has got lots of popularity when it was released for the first time.

The first season of the series aired on 1st December 2017, At that time the show had quite a good start and it also received pretty good reviews and views as well. seeing the plot of their first season was being compared to another Netflix show Stranger Things.


However, the scenario between them differs from the Stranger Things as it revolves around the implications of time and also it’s effects on Human Nature. It was quite a show.

The release date for their third season has not been revealed yet. But according to our sources, we have come to know that the filming of their third season had finished by last December, and only one particular main work remains of the show. We have some expectation that they will release the third season by the mid of this year.

However, we cannot predict the main plot of their third season cause they might change everything the plot the characters we don’t have the perfect news of those yet. But this much we can surely tell that the season which will come or release will be a very good one.

The fans of the series have been waiting for their third season to come and now we think that they have to have some patience and wait for the release date of it. There has been no announcement of their trailer yet but we are hoping that they will reveal it very soon.