Netflix Reboots The Classic Show “Unsolved Mysteries” Trailer Released For The Fans

We know that the time has come to solve some mysteries. Netflix platform is now rebooting the epic classic “Unsolved Mysteries” television show and the streaming service also dropped the first trailer for the upcoming show early Tuesday.

This show, “Unsolved Mysteries”, which documents various or numerous cold cases and paranormal activities, it has been dormant for several years but had a great rich history before Netflix first announced its intent to reboot the franchise earlier this year itself.


The original series, was created by Terry Dunn and along with him was John Cosgrove in 1987, then it had a ten-year run on NBC before the show moved to CBS, Lifetime, and even Spike TV, where the series’ run ended in the year 2010. Now, recently Netflix is rebooting the show with Meurer and Cosgrove, and as well as “Stranger Things” production company 21 Laps Entertainment.

The very first six episodes of the Unsolved Mysteries will be having 12 episodes, it will be premiering on Netflix on July 1 this year. The release date for another six episodes is not provided for now but it will soon be provided for the fans of the show.

Unsolved Mysteries

In the upcoming show, Netflix has highlighted the involvement of the “Stranger Things” producers in its marketing show.

The executive producer of Unsolved Mysteries Shawn Levy, also the executive producer of Stranger Things noted that Netflix’s upcoming reboot would be very faithful to the very original show while still pushing its concept in a brand new direction.

The iteration of Unsolved Mysteries is very much loyal to the things we all love about the brand. The stories still range from some supernatural occurrences to even unthinkable crimes.

The title music of the show remains intact. The show originally included four cases per episode, but the executive producer says “We at 21 laps, along with our partners at Cosgrove/Meurer Productions made a very early decision to have our storytelling dive deeper”.

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