Netflix ‘Love 101’ Released on 24th April – Ending Explanation with The cast and Plot detail


‘Love 101′ is an ambitious, erratic, and addictive teen drama. following the Protector’ and ‘The Gift,’ it’s Netflix’s third Turkish original show and has the potential to be equally–if not more–powerful because the other two. It follows quite a linear storyline that revolves around highs and the highs of five teenagers and two of the high school teachers.

‘Love 101’ Season 1 Recap

‘Love 101’ begins with the introduction of its four critical adolescent personalities –Kerem (Kubilay Aka), Eda (Alina Boz), Osman (Selahattin Paşalı), and Sinan (Mert Yazıcıoğlu). They are all misfits of this faculty and come from very different walks of life.

But a casual meeting at detention one day marks the start of an alliance between these. The school board decides to expel them multiple times but because of the conclusion of one instructor, Ms. Burcu, who still believes in them, their expulsion becomes cancelled.

'Love 101' Season 1- new turkish series

But their only hope, Ms. Burcu, later gets transferred to a new school, leaving them only two weeks to somehow make her live. With this, together with a fellow classmate called Isik, they conceive an ideal strategy to make her fall in love with the new P.E instructor, Kemal, trusting that it’ll make her live.




Osman’s life seems to be a lot easier compared to others in the group. His father has brilliant direction abilities is smart, and often supports him. His biggest issue proves to be his obsession with money. He appears contrived in his desire to be wealthy he disregards everything else. However, he learns the hard way that not joy is real when it is shared with others.

Eda and Kerem

Eda and Kerem

Eda is the pretty girl for having a relationship with one of the teachers of the school who is known. On the flip side, Kerem is a jock who has thrown from the basketball team because of his anger issues.

Sparks fly between the two she keeps her distance from Kerem. Because his constant attempts maintain failing Kerem, in turn, infuriates.

It is later shown that Kerem’s anger stems from how he is treated in the home. Back in the home, he is often insulted by his dad and looks down, although he might be a jock in school.

Because of this, he often feels he’s being made to follow the ideal route laid down by his father. Pretty much like Kerem, instead of doing what’s expected by her even Eda wishes to walk.

While her parents believe that she’s a lot of potential that is academic, she wishes to become a graphic designer. This ground eventually gets the two of them.

Sinan and Isik

Sinan and Isik

In comparison to this group’s other outcasts, Isik looks like a rather ordinary girl. She is academically gifted, never defies the rules of the faculty, and has a clean slate. But she gets involved in the group’s complex plot.

Because of the dreamy expectations that she has from her love life, she begins getting drawn to Sinan. He attempts to fight his pain and struggles with depression due to his childhood abandonment.

Save him and isik attempts to reach him out, but because of his fear of being left alone he protests. With time, he, too, begins to go off all his fears and accepts from Isik.

The Ending of Love 101 Season 1: Allergic to Blend In

Love 101 Ending Explained

In the end, despite all of their attempts to prevent expulsion, all five of these end up in some deep problem. But yet again, Ms. Burcu saves the day by convincing other teachers that these students need appropriate attention and care rather than expulsion.

Soon after this, she learns that her relationship with the PE teacher was a setup. With this, she decides to leave and feels betrayed. Meanwhile, the five of them are requested to read to out an apology to the college to prevent getting expelled.

They’ve done. But at the last minute, they combine against the tainted norms of the school and use their opportunity to insult that is brashly their principal. One by one they step up on stage and express how much they hate their schooling system that is restrictive.

Kerem, Eda, Osman, and Sinan, who have been misfits learn that they should enjoy how different they are from the school’s rest. Even Isik learns that although she always tried her best to fit in, she’s really very different from the majority of her classmates.

In addition to this, they know that they can achieve anything that they want.

Love 101 Season 2: What to Expect?

Season 2 Details

‘Love 101’ concludes with a cliffhanger and lots of loose plot factors. At the closing moments of its finale, the versions of Isik and Eda discuss their good old school days while reminiscing of the memories they’ve produced at Sinan’s place.

While the home begins to collapse they hear a knock at the door. Now in the looks of it, it feels like, regardless of everything that happened between them, all of them were eventually separated following their expulsion.

Though it’s difficult to guess, it looks like something happened between them after they left school. Grown-up Isik also appears to be sad about something, so it’s likely that Sinan is dead. Because they had decided to meet in precisely the exact same spot 20 decades 21, the person at the door could be Kerem.


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