Needle Found on Chicago Ridge Gas Pump Handle

Needle Found on Chicago Ridge Gas Pump Handle

Local authorities in Chicago Ridge are advising residents to exercise caution while approaching a petrol station in the future.

Police in the southwestern suburbs is looking into the discovery of a needle concealed in a gas pump pipe by a guy in the neighborhood.


In Chicago Ridge, police said they discovered the body on Monday at a Shell station at the intersection of 111th and Ridgeland Avenues.

A guy drew out a syringe and pressed the trigger, only to be stabbed in the eye by a needle that had been concealed within. The interior of the needle, according to the police, contained a white powder-like material.

The Chicago Ridge police and the state police crime lab will conduct an investigation at this time.

So far, authorities say the individual is not showing any signs of sickness or exhibiting any symptoms.

It is strongly recommended that anybody with information regarding this event call the Chicago Ridge Police Investigations Division at (708) 425-7831.