Need for Speed Movie 2 Release Date: Everything You Need to Know!

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Nowadays we have seen that most movies are inspired by novels or real-life events. Whether it is a series or a film, we always find that the majority of them are based on a  particular subject. While this has become a pretty normal concept in entertainment, the officials of one movie have developed something else. Need for Speed is a popular video game that makes gamers hooked up with it. Inspired by the game, there is a movie that is now facing issues for a sequel. 

Most of the games get converted into film or web series and it is pretty normal. While the people are already so much into video games, the officials of this movie also find the need to develop a movie. Originally, Need for Speed, popularly known as NFS, is one of the games played by video gamers. The game was initially released in 2014 and still, the wise range of the population is addicted to the game. 


Taking this as their inspiration,  Scott Waugh decided to develop a movie. Somewhat matches with the Fast and Furious series but the lacks in the popularity at the same time. The show was not that hot in the US but surprisingly hit grossed great margin in the worldwide areas. Now, the fans are waiting for the officials to gear up for the sequels. 

Anyone who has watched the show has hooked up with one question and that is “Will there be Need for Speed 2?”. The sequels have been on demand for quite a while now and it seems like the officials are aware of the situation. 

If you are someone who landed on this article through some online rumors or you are just curious about it then don’t worry. In this article, we’ll be talking about Need for Speed 2 and all the details regarding its possible future. Here are all the updates from the confirmation to the release date. Continue reading the article to get the exact news. 

Need for Speed: Everything to know about this Game Movie!

Need for Speed 2

Before finding out about the sequel, there might be some people who are completely unaware of the movie. To be honest, I came to know about this movie after a few years and it was shocking for me to get to know that something Like NFS movie is there. 

My brother is a big geek when it comes to video games and he used to play NFS when we were kids. The movie makes sure to give you that nostalgic feeling for every kid in the 2000s. The game was popular and no wonder why the officials decided to work on the film too. 

Directed and co-edited by Scott Waugh and written by George and John Gatins, Need for Speed is an action thriller movie that was released in 2014. Based on the video game, the show gained instant recognition but also the release of the movie gives the audience a chance to criticize the movie. 

The show gained mixed reviews from the fans but still, some people believe that this could be recovered by releasing another sequel. 

Need for Speed 2: Do the Officials Confirm the Sequel?

Need for Speed 2

Need for Speed was a movie with lots of emotions and feelings that were accepted many many people but at the same time neglected by the majority of the US audience. If the movie gained half of the popularity compared to the vide4o games, it would have been one of the top-grossed films of all time. 

Well, this hasn’t happened but still, the movie earned a good profit and it was enough for the officials to start working on the new projects. Need for Speed was officially released in 2014 and it’s been already 8 years since the audience has last witnessed the cars on the road. 

Just after one year of the release, some rumors suggest that China Movie Channel, Jiaflix,, and video game company Electronic Arts are planning for a sequel. Unfortunately, the officials never spoke on the topic and no one ever asked for more updates. 

Although it was a big hit for the fans since they were already waiting for the movie to happen, it was a shock to them since the movie was not progressing a bit. It’s been a while and the report of the collaboration didn’t seem to get along with the procedure. Unfortunately. The audience has gained a lot of faith in the officials and hoped that this time the sequel will be released but it never happened. 

Another report suggested that Aaron Paul has an interest in the sequel. The actor has already spoken about the sequel in an interview but he seemed to be picky with some things. In an interview with Collider, the actor revealed how there were plans for the sequel of the movie but as they have discussed it once, none of the progress has been made after that. 

As for now, we have no significant updates about the return of the sequel. With popular movies like Need for Speed which already have the famous game, it might get a chance to showcase once again.

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Need for Speed 2 Release Date: When is it going to Premiere?

Need for speed 2

In 2015, rumors spread regarding the confirmation of Need for speed 2, and many people believe that there will be another sequel. While the show holds massive potential for another part but the officials never reveal their plans. 

In an interview with Paul, he talked that there was a time when the chad talked about the sequel but things haven’t gone far after that. If there will be another sequel, the fans would be delighted to watch the show again. We are hoping for the movie to get renewed as soon as possible. If there will be any updates about the movie, we’ll make sure to let you know. 

Also, the fans should not accept the movie to hold in 2022 and if there will be any updates regarding the movie, I’ll make sure to update you. 

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Is there any official trailer to watch?

The movie is not yet renewed and that’s the reason why the show has not revealed the official trailer. However, if you haven’t watched the trailer of the first movie then don’t worry. Here is it.

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