National Treasure 3 Is Finally Renewed| Release Date: Everything You Need To Know About This Film

updated on 28-01-2022

There was a time when it was officially rumored that National Treasure 3 wouldn’t be happening. If you still search this on google, there would be the top articles claiming that national treasure 3 is just a talk of before and that isn’t happening. It’s shocking how we used to believe that news and many of us even get disheartened with what we heard. 


But it’s never too late to renew the show. National Treasure initially came to light in 2004. The movie was a big step for Jon Turteltaub’s career as his direction was something new at that time. Written by Jim Kouf, along with the help of the Wibberley’s, the movie came onto the big screen in November 2004. After the movie launched on the big screen, it gained mixed reviews by the people and the critics but ultimately turned into a hit. 

Creators instantly renewed the movie and decided to make another sequel based on the story which was titled National Treasure: Book of Secrets. It took the filmmakers 3 years to make another part of the series and somewhere when it ends, we started to hope for another part.

17 years have passed since we first saw National Treasure on the Screen and even though the time is huge, there were always the hardcore fans who wants another sequel. 

In this article, we’ll be talking about National Treasure 3 and how the movie sequels have gone through so much time over the years. Being a fan of National Treasure? Then this would be the perfect article to read for. 

National Treasure 3 Confirmed: Is it Happening?

National Treasure 3

In 2020, when the world was falling under the crisis and the global pandemic was all over the place, we heard that National Treasure would not be returning back. Earlier, the creators showed and teased the audience through multiple interviews regarding the third part of the movie and it feels that there would be National Treasure 3 somewhere in the years. 

If someone would still search regarding National Treasure 3 on google they would find thousands of articles that would make them believe that National Treasure 3 is officially canceled and there is no hope for them returning back. 

I would not jump on the websites and their articles here but for the audience who have waited for so many years, your wait wouldn’t be wasted. 

National Treasure 3 was officially confirmed by the officials earlier this year. The film series is bringing back their third sequel of the famous adventure movie and fans are delighted to hear the news. 

Now, you can feel the relief of knowing what exactly would happen in the upcoming show and how things are going to take place after so many years. 

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is confirmed for its sequel. After we lost our legendary hero Chadwick we all knew that the series would be tough for everyone. It was until now that Marvel entertainment revealed the renewal of the series as the tribute at Chadwick. It would mean a lot to all the marvel fans to watch the movie but somewhere we all miss our hero. 

National Treasure 3 Release Date: When it is Releasing Out?

National Treasure 3 updates

Talking about the release date of the adventure drama film, the officials are yet to release the exact date for it. There is no official release date of the movie and National Treasure 3 was recently confirmed. 

However, the report says that the filmmakers have officially started the production of the movie later this year, if the production ends by the end of this year, we might be able to watch the movie soon. 

According to looper National Treasure 3 can officially be released in 2022 by Disney. As the entertainment company has a lot of upcoming projects on the way and National Treasure 3 is surely the important one, we might see them soon. Keep this article as a bookmark to check regular u[dates regarding the movie. 

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National Treasure 3 Cast: Who will be in the Movie?

National Treasure 3 about

The movie stars one of the famous actors of its own time and there is nothing more amazing than Nicolas Cage being the main character. He is already one of the popular Hollywood actors and the stars have notably won some of the biggest awards over the last few years. 

When asked in the interview if he is okay to reprise his role in the National Treasure 3 part, he seemed to be okay with it. However, when the rumors spread around the internet confirming the cancellation of National Treasure 3. We all didn’t think much. 

With the officials already confirming about National Treasure 3, I definitely think that all the original cast would probably be back. 

It would be great to see all the stars reunite after 15 years of time and start the movie with a new term. If you have not watched the movie yet and are not confirmed about the cast and character, you must check out the list below. 

Cast And Character of National Treasure

  • Nicolas Cage would be back as Benjamin Franklin Gates. He is the main protagonist of the movie and is passionate about cryptology and treasure hunting. In the movie, this is the center of the story and the film even shows her younger version which was played by Hunter Gomez. 
  • Sean Bean will reprise his role as Ian Howe. He is the former friend of Benjamin Gates and now works the same as him. He is the entre[renur and also passionate about treasure.
    An entrepreneur and treasure hunter who is a former friend of Benjamin Gates.
  • Diane Kruger will be back as Dr. Abigail Chase. The other important character of the movie is who helped the main lead throughout the journey. 
  • Justin Bartha will be back as Riley Poole. He is one of the loved characters in the films. His sarcastic nature excites the audience to want to know more about him. He works with the association of Benjamin and is an IT expert by profession. 
  • Jon Voight will be right back as Patrick Henry Gates. The father of Benjamin Gates and also a former treasure hunter who was known in his time
    A former treasure hunter and the father of Benjamin Gates.
  • Harvey Keitel will reprise his role as Agent Peter Sadusky. He is an FBI Special Agent and works closely with the thief and all the other illegal workers grounding the city.
  • Christopher Plummer would not be back in the show as the stars have recently passed away in 2021. The creators have shown respect towards the stars. He was there in the movie series and used to act as grandfather Benjamin.  

Additionally, the movie series focuses on a bunch of other characters that play the supporting role. The thyroid installment of the movie might bring new characters to the screen and we are excited to hear about them. Till the creators release any official statement regarding the movie, I think we should sit back and wait for the officials to announce anything.

Is there any Official trailer for the Movie?

There is no official trailer for National Treasure 3. As the production of the movie has just started, Disney would soon release a proper trailer to help the audience. Till any new official trailer comes on, we ask you to read our articles by visiting Honknews and get all the recent updates about the world.

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