NARCOS: Mystery behind Chepe and his existence

Mystery behind Chepe and his existence

NARCOS: Mystery behind Chepe and his existence. NARCOS is a popular crime drama series streaming on Netflix. The series is based on the true events of the Colombian drug trade.

The series depicts the story of Pablo Escobar who became rich by producing and distributing cocaine across Colombia and the third season of it shows the fall of Escobar and focuses on Drug Enforcement Administration.


The mystery behind Chepe and his existence in Narcos: Mexico

Mystery behind Chepe and his existence

The third season was released on September 2017, and being one of the most popular series fans still, revisit the series but then there are still questions like who is Chepe and was he a real person?

The role of Chepe is being played by Actor Pepe Rapazota and he first appeared in the third season of the series of Narcos. He is in the control of the group’s operations of New York City and is high ranked member of Cali Cartel.

In the series, it is shown that he starts by alias Victor Crespo and ended up shooting a Dominican gang in New York where he finds himself to be in the cocaine production market. The series ended up by, Chepe surrendering to the police with Pacho who is killed in the prison and Chepe who was murdered by the leaders of AUC.

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Their mystery is there that is Chepe a real person then the answer is yes, Chepe is a real person who was born in Jose Santacruz Londono. He was a Colombian drug lord who also was a leader of Cali Cartel as he, along with brothers Miguel Rodriguez Orejuela and Gilberto Rodriguez Orejuela in the year 1970 when they started marijuana trafficking, and a decade after that they started cocaine trafficking and they almost covered 80% of the markets of USA as a supplier.

It is said that Chepe escaped a year later from La Picota prison in Bogota while other Cartel leaders were arrested in 1995. It is believed that Chepe died at the age of 52 in Medellin, Colombia, after police traced him through some anonymous phone call in March 1996.

This all happened when the police got the information that he is been at the shopping centre and he was killed while attempting to run away.

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There is another version of his death which says, he died after the drug trafficker Javier Antonio Calle Sema, according to him, Chepe’s death was planned by paramilitary groups which were actually initiated by a Colombian Police colonel, Danilo Gonzalez.

In this Narcos series, The Kingpin Strategy is the first episode where Chepe can be seen and Going Back to Cali remains the last episode of season 3. In fact, in one of the scene, the narrator Scoot McNairy said that Chepe Santacruz never went back to New York, rather he released himself out to form the new alliances to built his empire again as he thought prison was not the right place for him.

NARCOS is available to watch on Netflix now.