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Narcos Mexico: Whose role is being played by Quavo? Is that real person?

We will discuss Narcos Mexico, Quavo have played a role and Is it a real person. Fans witnessed a cameo from the rapper Quavo in Narcos: Mexico season 2 but who does he plays in Netflix series.

The American hip hop rapper-singer who is known for being a part of music trio Migos also being a part of his nephew Takeoff and his cousin Offset’s band other than Quavo is one of the biggest fans of Narcos which have music fans may not know. The viewers are thrilled and excited for the upcoming season 2.

Quavo drug supplier in California inNarcos Mexico 2

Narcos Mexico- Whose role is being played by Quavo

The award-winning rapper who did a cameo and played a drug supplier in California in the series will also create a hit song after this series. He plays a drug dealer named Quavo in the Alea Lacta Est episode, he also initiates his business and after this appears in the last part of the same episodes where he has seen refusing to smoke crack cocaine.

Viewers are in great doubt that is this character is also based on real-life as many other characters in the show, but if we see carefully the character seems to be fictional.

Eric Newman’s Thought

Eric Newman Narcos Mexico

Eric Newman who is the showrunner told the Entertainment Weekly as how they were bought into the series, actually he knew their managers as they helped in the marketing of the last season because they wanted to be part of it and then when they were called for a short scene, they agreed. The Episode was also supposed to feature Quavo’s Migos batchmates Offset and Takeoff but they did not turn up.

Newman also explained that how three of them were supposed to be part of the series but only one came and they were fine with that also he said how much different music world is, Newman was impressed with him and said that fans will love it when they will get to know that he was enjoying it.

This is not the first time that Quavo has appeared on the small screen in a television series. He worked in Black-ish also appeared in Star back in 2018. At the time of season 1 of Narcos, some Migos worked on a video for Netflix about the show and also commented on the characters when they watched the special premiere of the series.




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