Narcos Mexico Season 3: Who will be the next antagonist in the popular series?

Narcos Mexico is an American crime drama web series on Netflix. The story is based on the illegal drug trade in Mexico. The first season of the series was released in 2018 and the second season aired in the early 2020s.

As we have seen in the story so far that Felix Gallard was finally arrested for his crimes. But still he operates his crimes and organization through the mobile phone. Once he was sent to maximum security cell then the other new cartels take over.


Narcos Mexico Season 3 Antagonist

Will Guadalajara Cartel feature in the third season of Narcos Mexico

It is still not confirmed that who will be the next one to lead after Felix. It is evident from the last instalment that Felix will be out of the Narcos Mexico Season 3  and it would be interesting to know who will be the antagonist in season 3 of the series.


In the last season, after the end of Felix’s reign over the world of drugs, all the other bosses are sharing spotlight but not in the same measure. All of them are at each other’s throat. They all practice violence to solidify their hold over the country.

We can speculate that in the upcoming season there will be a lot of fights, violence and blood. Felix once said that the cartel would stand aside as the rest tried to bleed each other out.

Effect of the show on Luna

Luna said that the show was heavy for him. Those 2 years of shooting were intense for him. It was incredibly difficult for him as he still lives there, where the story originated. He added, “I don’t do a job and go back somewhere else. I still live here in Mexico. I still deal with the news and live with the result of what happened in the 80s and 90s”.

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