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Narcos Mexico season 3 shouldn’t take place. Here’s why




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Narcos Mexico is a popular crime drama web television series that first premiered in 2018 and has been extremely popular ever since. Despite the massive fan base of the show, critics have pointed out that it would be in the favor of the show to call it quits after season 2.

Here’s what they have to say :

• Faulty Narrative

As we already know that the show is based on real-life events of utmost importance and sensitivity, the viewers have often complained about the poor accuracy of the narrative. A lot of the events portrayed in the show have no relevance to what happened in reality and seem to have offended fans. There has been a disappointment with the specific point of view of the narrator. We do not know exactly who is telling the story of the doomed DEA agent Enrique, ” Kiki” Camarena during the first season. However, at the end of season 2, we find out that the Chief of Operation Leyenda, the primary investigation into the murder of Camarena is none other than Breslin!

• A controversial portrayal of Drug Trafficking.

Narcos Mexico is as it is a controversial show for obvious reasons. However, the portrayal of drug trafficking organizations in the show, whether in news or entertainment, has been the center of attention of significant government investigation and the cause of public debate in México! Many telenovelas, entertainment production houses, and films claim that the show has glamourized slavery and drugs. Moreover, it has encouraged the public to associate with violent offenders. It is seen as a part of ” Narco Culture” here drug cultivation has been a major source of income for poor farmers affected by agricultural modernization.

• Lack Of Political Consequences :

In the finale episode of season 2, we see the federation disbanded, and the trafficking routes in Mexico were split geographically among different organizations. In one of the segments of the last episode, we see Felix Gallardo and Breslin finally meet and the former anticipates that Mexico would soon become a violent county without any leadership. These statements seem to have offended several government organizations. Moreover, it distorts the impression that horrific violence seen in the modern day is not a militarized war on Narco- trafficking organization, but the product of organizational disunity. Such interpretation has no political consequences!

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