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Narcos Mexico Season 2 Story Behind the Perfect Cameo

Caution: spoilers ahead

Quavo, the “Narcos” rapper, and a huge Narcos fan is now a Narco star.Confused?

So were the fans when he made a surprise guest appearance in the show. The Grammy-nominated artist appeared with a guest role in the second episode of Narcos: Mexico “Alecia lactic Est.” 


Quavo played his namesake, a drug dealer from Los Angeles visiting Tijuana to get crack to the Arellano Félix family. Interestingly, the rapper’s song with the same title was inspired by the show. 

He also quoted a Migos track “Stir Fry” to demonstrate the cooking process of the drug.


Referencing Tony Montana (Al Pacino) in Scarface, “I know you ain’t gonna understand this, but I’m going to tell you, like a bad bitch, don’t get high on your supply.”

In both of his appearances, Quavo has got two associates. Those two associates were supposed to be played by Migos bandmates Offset & Takeoff – sadly they never showed.

“Those guys love the show, and I got to know their manager when they helped in the marketing of the last season because they just loved it so much, and they were like, ‘I want to be a part of this, “says Eric Newman, one of the main showrunners.

“When you get into the business of making a TV show or movie, it’s boring, you’re like hanging around all day, but he was great and I’m excited about people discovering it when they watch.” gushed Eric.

Season 2 of Narcos: Mexico is ongoing. Catch it on Netflix.

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