Narcos: Mexico Season 2 Series- What Could We Expect From The New Series?


The popular crime series Narcos is one of the most rated series. The storyline revolves around Mexico city, which is of the formation of the largest Colombian and Mexican drug cartels and their leaders.

The series is based on real life events, filmed by Netflix and directed by Carlo Bernard, Chris Brancato and Doug Miro.

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Narcos: Mexico series explore the origins of the modern drug war by going back to its roots, when the Mexican trafficking world was a loose and disorganized confederation of independent growers and dealers.

The well known show runner of the project is Eric Newman. Regarding the series, the first episodes was launched back in 2015.
The project is a continuation of the dramatic series “Narcos” about the details of the life of the well known Colombian drug dealer Pablo Escobar.

The storyline of Narcos roams around the character who is from Mexico, the scene describes is between the fight of the US anti-trafficking agent of US Drug Enforcement Administration, Kiki Camarena against the Mexican drug king Miguel Ángel Gallardo.

The series is based on real events that took place in Guadalajara in the 80s. Sources confirm that a week after the release of the 1st season of Narcos: Mexico, it became Netflix’s extended project for the new season. In an interview with the publication of the project Eric Newman said that he still has a lot of material left for the new seasons of the series.

Narcos: Mexico is one of the greatest work of my life, Scripting and directing this show for four seasons is a unique experience, added the project manager of the series.

Netflix renewed Narcos for two more seasons on September 6, 2016, a few days after the release of the second season. Production on the fourth season began later in Mexico 2017, following the release of the third season.

On July 18, 2018, Netflix announced that the fourth season would instead “reset” with almost an entirely new cast as a new Netflix original series titled Narcos: Mexico. This hints that the crew will remain unchanged and may be no extra members will be added to the crew for further series.
The first season was released on November 16 2018, and Netflix renewed it for a second season on December 5 2018.