Narcos Mexico Season 2 Second Trailer Is Released of the Series


About Season 1

This continuation of “Narcos” explores the origins of the modern drug war by going back to its roots, starting at a time when the Mexican trafficking world was a loose, disorganized confederation of independent growers and dealers.

It’s the 1980s, and Felix Gallardo takes the helm of the Guadalajara… the storyline is quite catchy, if you start watching then you would love it.

The show is quite interesting about the drug lords in Mexico trying to run business in every possible way by overcoming the hurdles which come into their way. 

The show is in Spanish but watching it with English subtitles makes it easy for the viewers. Almost 96 percent of the viewers have liked the show until now. 

And here is good news that the show is bringing its second season very soon. Fans are quite happy about it.

The new trailer for the show is out and you people have to watch it. In the first trailer, it showed that Felix has become the Godfather of Guadalajara cartel. He was seen attending a gathering with his crew.

The second trailer of the show shows that the Colombians are no longer in the business and it is time for someone new to pick up the drug trade.

Release Date of the second season

It is very good news for the fans that it is officially confirmed that the series is coming with a new season. The fans are going to love the show for sure. 

The makers of the show have officially announced that the complete season 2 of this show will be released on Thursday 13th Feb 2020. 

So, it seems there is not much time left for it. Stay tight folks because here comes the greatest drug lord of Mexico.

Let us hope the best for the whole team and wish them luck and success for their upcoming show.


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