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Narcos Mexico Season 2: review

Netflix’s Narcos series has never been the same after Wagner Moura’s as Colombian drug king Pablo Escobar gets killed in season 2.

Narcos shows the history of America’s bloody war on drugs and its leaders.

The DEA’s fight against the Cali cartel in Narcos Season 3 sadly needed a charismatic villain like Escobar.

The associate series Narcos: Mexico was a reset chip for the show since the streaming giant wanted to cash more success with the help of the original series.

The plot shifted to Mexico, having Michael Peña and Diego Luna as the main leads.

The first season was an addicted watch due to solid writing and performance.

Peña, earlier known for being more humorous, clownish characters delivered an appreciated, brilliantly griming act as a DEA agent Kiki Camarena.

The season was different enough to separate it from the original series.

Peña’s Kiki Camarena was beaten to death at the end of season 1.

He got under the skin of drug lords and so the second season proceeds towards the consequences.

The most captivating thing about the show is it traces back to the origins of Narcos.

Narcos Mexico: Season 2 succumbs to being an incredibly messy show, due to the absence of Kiki.

Surely, his character’s death is true in actual history, and he was indeed tortured and murdered.

Peña was a solid crutch for the audiences to navigate through this heady world of the Mexican drug trade.

The second season has no such character that can immerse the audience deep into the story.

Scoot McNairy’s as Walt Breslin is an uninteresting character.

He does not seem driven enough to avenge the death of Kiki Camarena.

The finale ends with an enticing promise for the next installment to save the balance of the show.



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