Narcos: Mexico Season 2: Release Date, Cast, and Everything Fans Need To Know.

Netflix Show ‘Narcos’ Finally Gets Renewed on Netflix On 13th of February 2020.

As season 1 of Narcos did not have the best and satisfying ending with that its season 2 also won’t end with a happy ending.

It is assumed that season 2 will be much devastating but still it becomes one of the most intelligent and complicated shows.

Narcos Mexico Season 2 Release Date:

Finally, the wait is over. Narcos: Mexico will be streaming on Netflix from February 13, 2020, during Valentines. With all its episodes.

If you haven’t seen Narcos: Mexico its time to catch. Watch it before your ending gets spoiled.

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Narcos Mexico Season 2 Cast

Scoot McNairy will be the lead role as he takes charge to stop the drug trade in Guadalajara. Coming to agent Walt Breslin who will work towards finding the murder of Kiki Camerena.

New characters are also played by Susie Bacon, Mayra Hermosillo and many more who are going to be in the upcoming season.

The most Significant point that kept viewers think was the identity and significance of the narrator of the entire season. This was the main question that kept the audience confused.

For the second season, another major thing is how Gallardo becomes the first Narco based in Mexico and how it develops into an organized cartel.

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